Mr Matthew Penn

A Qualified Counsellor and Therapist in addictions, Matthew has served Cassiobury Court for over two years and maintains responsibility for the delivery of individual counselling interventions, managing our range of specialist visiting counselling therapists and our delivery support staff in Cassiobury Court. Matthew, a former accomplished chef, understands the importance of good nutrition and diet in addiction recovery, ensuring that Cassiobury Courts therapy programme creates an opportunity for clients to learn new ways of excellent diet and nutrition.

Inspired by his own journey to recovery ten years ago, Matthew became a therapist and addiction specialist. Over the last ten years, Matthew has worked with some of the UK’s largest drug and alcohol treatment services across communities, supporting some of the most vulnerable groups in society to tackle their drug and alcohol addiction.

Matthew maintains a personal commitment to physical health and well-being in his life; a keen cyclist and gym member, Matthew knows only too well the importance of good physical and psychological health in someone’s recovery and ensures this is integral to our programme of care at Cassiobury Court.

Matthew has a passion for Hard House Music and is a keen amateur DJ in his spare time. Cassiobury Court ensures that Music Therapy remains integral to our programme and is inspired by Matthew to ensure that all clients can benefit from the opportunity that this can provide to support their psychological and emotional well-being.