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Alcohol and Drug Detoxification

Drug and Alcohol detox
When helping with drug and alcohol addictions, one of the most important stage of the rehab process is detox. This means to rid the body of any trace of the substance. Drug and alcohol detox is best done in a controlled environment in the presence of trained medical staff.
The first step of de-tox is withdrawal. The nature and severity of the withdrawal symptoms vary, depending on the particular substance that was being used, as well as the frequency of use, and the effects of de-tox on the individual. We operate a Rapid Detox Plan.
We have a ten day reduction detoxification plan. After an in-depth consultation with our clinical psychiatrist, our clients are then monitored by trained staff. It is important to remember that a drug or alcohol detox plan can depend on what type of drug is being used. Click here for more information on different categories of drugs.
In some cases prescribed medication is available to reduce withdrawal symptoms. Our psychiatrist will prescribe suitable medication in decreasing amounts until you are drug free.
Our psychiatrist is current with the relevant studies in de-tox and will prescribe the recommended amount of vitamins and supplements to aid you through your recovery.
Our psychiatrist is available for on-going assessment – for more information click here
We incorporate various therapies in our drug rehab programme to help with the psychological distress that the individual may experience whilst de-toxing.
Here are some of the substances we can help with: