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Alcohol is one of the most popular substances worldwide. Worldwide, billions of people consume it regularly and responsibly. There are no health issues associated with occasional use of alcohol – in fact, in some cases it can improve your health. However, there is a dark side to alcohol use that  – to this day – has not been addressed properly.

Alcohol in large volumes is one of the largest killers for all demographics. The health risks that that come with a single binge-drinking session can already lead to death. In the long term, alcohol addiction will most likely result in death as well, let alone the guaranteed irreversible damage it will do to your body.

Your body won’t be the only thing that will deteriorate in the long term. Psychologically, alcohol abuse will take its toll, and your mental health and personal life will take a turn for the worse. Alcohol and depression are linked together, and many families , relationships and friendships have been broken though alcohol addiction.

The problem with alcohol addiction however, is the fact that it’s not voluntary. For many people, it’s simply just not that easy to quit. Addiction is an illness, and it will be very hard to stop on your own. Do you feel like your regular drinking has become an uncontrollable addiction? Do you live in Bristol?  There is help available if you answered yes on both questions.

Help is available when you need to book yourself in for alcohol rehab Bristol. At Cassiobury Court we have been helping people beat their alcohol addictions for many years and we can cater for you if you’re interested in undergoing a structured alcohol rehabilitation programme to give you the best chance of a long-term recovery. We are passionate about helping clients achieve their targets, and the fact that members of our team have had their own experiences with alcohol addiction means we are able to offer an understanding and compassionate approach. Whether you are seeking luxury facilities or are on a tighter budget, we can assist you. Having helped people from a wide range of backgrounds, we have the experience and expertise needed to cater for various needs

How Do I Know If I’m Suffering From Alcoholism

Alcoholism is considered to be a physical and mental health issue by medical professional standards.  An addiction to alcohol occurs when an individual becomes physically dependent on alcohol. When the individual ceases to drink alcohol for several hours, physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms will begin to appear.

Alcoholism is often determined by a questionnaire, as the only person who can really measure up the alcohol intake, is the drinker himself. The most known questionnaire would be the CAGE questionnaire. A good test for you to determine whether you might have a problem with alcohol dependence.

The questionnaire asks the following questions:

  1. Have you ever felt you needed to Cut down on your drinking?
  2. Have people Annoyed you by criticizing your drinking?
  3. Have you ever felt Guilty about drinking?
  4. Have you ever felt you needed a drink first thing in the morning (Eye-opener) to steady your nerves or to get rid of a hangover?

If you have answered yes to two of these, you might be suffering from alcoholism yourself.


How Does Alcohol Rehab Bristol Work?

If you indeed have been suffering from alcohol addiction, and you wish to make a change in your situation – the solution is simple. Call us today on a 01923 804 139, and one of our specialists will be able to have a quick chat with you about your situation, and how we can help you.

After you have spoken to one of our specialists about these issues, we can take you in at our Alcohol Rehab Bristol Clinic, that is based in the city of Watford, only an hour and a half away from Bristol. We are able to transport you from your home to our centre in Watford. You will have your own room and space, where you can rest and focus on your recovery. This will then lead to something we have been dealing with in a short amount of time. Many people struggle to ensure

Once you arrive at our rehab centre, we will start off with Alcohol Detox, and rehab afterwards. Rehab mostly consists of therapeutic treatments that can help you become one with yourself, and learn how to deal with the cravings and triggers of alcohol addiction. Detox on the other hand, will be a difficult period of no alcohol intake in order for you to get clean. There will be withdrawal symptoms present, but we employ specialists who are able to help you get better immediately.

Our rates of relapse are extremely low. This is due to our FREE 12 month aftercare programme which supports our patients after they have left residential alcohol rehab.

It is never too late, call us now on 01923 369 161 and start your road to a full recovery.