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Are you based in Chelmsford? Here at Cassiobury Court, we have our London based rehab centre available, ready to help you recover.

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The effects of an Alcohol Addiction

Do you struggle to make it through the day without thinking of or consuming alcohol? Do you wake up most days craving alcohol? Or maybe you’ve noticed that your recent binges have escalated, causing a negative quality of life? If you’ve answered yes to either of the above, it sounds like you’re developing or living with an alcohol addiction.

For most people, an addiction begins innocently. As a way to relax from work stresses, a way to socialise or even a way to cope with a life event. However, there is a slippery slope for many to a dependency.

When comparing to further drugs, alcohol is perceived to be less hazardous. However, there are many negative side-effects regarding an individual’s physical and mental health. If you have any medical signs, causing continuous consumption to subsidise withdrawal symptoms, seeking expert advice would be recommended.

For effective recovery, visiting a reputable alcohol rehab centre should be your next step. Are you based in Chelmsford? Here at Cassiobury Court, we have our London based rehab centre available, ready to help you recover.

Our Alcohol Rehab process

If you believe that residential rehab support will be suitable for you or a loved one, we have an easy to follow 5 step process to help you transform your life and lead a positive future.

The first step will be to acknowledge your alcohol addiction by contacting our team. We accept self-referrals, family referrals and employer referrals here at Cassiobury Court. By making an initial enquiry, you will have the support of our experienced admissions team who will answer any concerns you have and provide you with detail regarding our rehab process. A breakdown of treatments will also be offered to help you understand the steps to overcome yours or a loved one’s alcohol addiction.

From here, if suitable, a pre-admission screening will be completed. Here is where our team will get to know you and your alcohol dependency greater to aid them in matching up appropriate addiction treatment. If you are anxious about sharing this information, please be assured that are team are highly supportive, professional and will keep all detail confidential. This process, along with paying your initial rehab deposit can be completed with ease with the support of our expert team.

Once a date has been selected, you will be welcomed to our rehab centre with open arms. If you require any support relocating from Chelmsford, this can be rearranged in advance for convenience. From here, you will settle into our comfortable, home from home rehab centre before beginning your personalised addiction treatment. Your journey will then begin tackling your psychological and physical connections to alcohol through an array of our evidence-based treatments. To find out further information about the type of addiction treatments suitable to overcome an alcohol dependency, please see below.

Throughout your treatment plan we will assess your progress and cater to your requirements to ensure that you are on a complete path to recovery. Once you feel ready to return home to Chelmsford, we will recommend you complete a long-term recovery plan to ensure you are prepared for your transition back into day to day life.

Support will be offered 24/7 while experiencing residential rehab support, and also post rehab. We will supply free aftercare support to ensure that you are following your plan, using your new coping mechanisms and aiming to lead an alcohol-free life. Our mission is to hear that our clients have made a full recovery from their alcohol addiction. If you do require any support, our team are at the other end of the phone.

Treatments to expect at Alcohol Rehab

However severe your alcohol addiction may be, our rehab treatments are designed to achieve full recovery. Our mission is to combine a variety of treatment methods to work on each area of an individual’s addiction.

Our psychological therapies are used to help you acknowledge your addiction, break down your mental barriers, work on any mental health issues caused by your addiction, while flipping it on its head and inspiring positive thoughts. Treatments you would expect to see at our rehab centre include cognitive behavioural therapy, face to face individual sessions and peer support groups. Working on your psychological connection will help you address your underlying issues, whilst envisioning your alcohol-free future in a positive light. Alongside this, relapse prevention sessions will be recommended to provide you with healthy coping mechanisms to overcome any future alcohol cravings.

Our wellbeing therapies will help to realign your mindset, while stimulating natural happy chemicals, such as dopamine. Some of our therapies here at our rehab centre include meditation sessions, personal training slots, and reiki and massage treatments to release any toxins. This will promote self-care and help you see that you are better without alcohol. If necessary, a full detox programme will be offered to slowly flush out your alcohol addiction, carefully monitored by our medical experts.

Our social therapies such as quiz nights and daily group walks will promote a strong support next for you through rehab, while allowing you some down time to put your life into perspective. Support is key for recovery therefore, taking part in group activities will promote an efficient but effective rehab process.

Each one of our clients will experience a differing combination of treatments, however, all will have variety of each therapy category to provide a complete recovery.

Why Cassiobury Court

If you are considering a local rehab centre to Chelmsford, hoping to overcome your alcohol addiction, here at Cassiobury Court, we can support you through our 24/7 recovery support, personalised treatment plans, family helpline services, evidence-based addiction treatments and free aftercare support for a whole year post rehab.

We have treatment plans to suit all addictions, all severities and all budgets to ensure we can help those in need conquer their addiction. If you are passionate about turning your life around and overcoming your alcohol addiction, contact our team using our contact form, or call 01923 369161 / or text HELP to 83222.