We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Southampton

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Alcohol Rehab Centres In Southampton

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We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Southampton

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Alcohol Rehab Southampton

Many people can consume alcohol responsibly and do it in a controlled manner. But for a lot of people, it is not that simple and straightforward. A reasonably small percentage of people are much more prone to abusing alcohol, much more so if they are under significant stress.

To add to that, alcohol is very much addictive. If you keep drinking alcohol too often, it could lead to you not being able to stop drinking. Alcoholism has ruined a lot of families, relationships and personal ambitions. Are you living in Southampton and you are struggling to stop drinking? Why not give Cassiobury Court a call. We offer Alcohol Rehab Southampton to help people get back on their feet.

The Power of Compassion

Many alcohol addicts struggle to get help from loved ones, due to the fact that alcoholism is still seen as a taboo, and an indicator of weakness. At our Alcohol Rehab Southampton centre, we employ counsellors who have been through the same issue as you have been in the past. There is a structure in place that will support you both mentally and physically, as we also employ medical professionals around the clock. They can help you ease the pain in case the withdrawal symptoms become heavy, and if you start suffering from delirium tremens during the detox session.

Detox and Therapy

The detox session takes a few days normally, as it will take some time in order for the alcohol to leave your body. Often seen as the hardest part, it can be even life-threatening for heavy addicts. That is why you should make the most out of the opportunity to join our Alcohol Rehab Southampton – doing the detox at home is very dangerous in comparison with having round the clock medical supervision to help you.

After Detox at our Alcohol Rehab Southampton, we offer post rehab therapy. These include cognitive and behavioural therapy techniques, as well as a range of complementary and holistic therapies.  Ranging from reiki and massages, we offer various outlets who have dealt with the issues.

We are situated in Watford – just over an hour and a half by car. We can pick you up from your Southampton home and bring you to our centre just north of London. Call us today for more information on 01923 804 139