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Alcohol Rehab St Albans

Do you require local alcohol rehabilitation services in St Albans? At Cassiobury Court’s Alcohol Rehab St Albans centre, we offer local rehabilitation and detox services that will have you alcohol-free in less than a week.
At Cassiobury Court, we believe addiction is a neurological or ‘brain’ disease that’s fully curable. To cure the disease of addiction, we utilise modern therapy, education and an extended outclient/aftercare plan. This ensures old ‘reward pathways’ relating to your addiction are removed, and also ensures new healthier pathways are established.

What is an addiction?

Addiction can be described as a disease of the brain. When you expose yourself to alcohol, your brain reacts by releasing dopamine.
When you become addicted, a neural pathway is established so you unconsciously remember certain activities that will lead to you experiencing pleasure.
Dopamine is known as a ‘goal directing’ chemical that causes you to engage in activities that secure your survival or your genetic survival. These activities include eating food, drinking water and having sex. However, alcohols hijack this evolved process so you seek out these chemicals on a habitual basis. Urges for drugs and alcohol are akin but more powerful than urges for natural pleasures such as eating food or drinking water.

How Cassiobury Court’s Alcohol Rehab St Albans Centre can help you.

When you attend Cassiobury Court’s Alcohol Rehab St Albans centre, we employ professional and respected therapists and neuroscientists who allow you to break free from the chains of addiction. You identify your triggers of addiction that encourage dopamine release and hence unstoppable drug and alcohol cravings. You are taught a number of strategies that allow you to cope or avoid these triggers so you do not resort to drug or alcohol use. We achieve this by applying cognitive behaviour therapy techniques.


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