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Drug Rehab Bristol

It will be rare to find someone who has not experimented with drugs in their youth. After all, it’s considered a fairly normal issue for a lot of young people to try some things out due to the rebellious nature of our youth. Most young people get off quite easily, but there are others who don’t. Some drugs could lead to death, whether that will be in the short term, or that being in the long term due to addiction.

Drug addiction can happen to anyone. Worldwide, millions people have suffered from addiction, and not only young people. The constant flow and high availability of drugs worldwide causes that drug addiction will not be completely eradicated. However, if you are addicted to drugs, it is not too late for you. You might struggle to keep yourself away from drugs, but help is on the way.

At Cassiobury Court, we offer Drug Rehab Bristol. We can help you get clean within 28 days, through a bespoke rehab service that includes specialist therapy and medical detox – fully customised to you needs and wants. Our line is open 24/7, and if you wish to get clean and leave the life of drugs and/or alcohol behind you, call us today on 01923 804 139 for more information.

I’m Not Sure If I’m Addicted

Addiction is not black and white, and you cannot diagnose someone with an addiction by just looking at a person. The only person that can tell whether or not you might be addicted, is yourself. That is why it is important you have a good look into the mirror and ask yourself some tough questions.

Do you feel your drug use is interfering with your ability to function properly both in your personal circle and in your professional circle? Do you feel you’re in financial trouble due to drug use? Most importantly however, do you feel that any of those questions are applicable to yourself?

Many addicts believe they aren’t addicted, and there are a variety of reasons behind that. Many addicts believe that they are not addicted because their brain has been affected by repeated drug use. Your brain is essentially hijacked due to severe drug abuse. To add to that, there is a certain stigma around addiction. People still believe that addicts are weak, and that admitting to an addiction is weak. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Addiction is an illness. Like many people with an illness, there is not much you can do about, so you do not have to be ashamed at all. This is why it is important that you look for help. If you are reading this page, it means that you are on the right path as you have given your drug use a thought. Admitting that you are indeed addicted to it is the first step towards recovery.

Addiction and Drug Rehab Bristol : How it Works

If you indeed have been suffering from alcohol addiction, and you wish to make a change in your situation – the solution is simple. Call us today on a 01923 804 139, and one of our specialists will be able to have a quick chat with you about your situation, and how we can help you.

After you have spoken to one of our specialists about these issues, we can take you in at our Drug Rehab Bristol Clinic, that is based in the city of Watford, only an hour and a half away from Bristol. We are able to transport you from your home to our centre in Watford. You will have your own room and space, where you can rest and focus on your recovery.

After we take you in, we start off with drug detox. Our drug detox treatment programme is primarily designed to help clients develop new ways of controlling their drug use or achieve total abstinence from drugs and help you stay that way. Choosing our treatment programme will inevitably mean you will need an initial drug detox programme. This aims to eradicate the drug presence from your system with the support of a clinical prescribing regime to help you safely detox from alcohol and cope with the withdrawal effects that can be experienced while detoxing.

Once you have finished the Drug Detox period, we follow up with the rehab programme. During the twenty-eight-day rehab programme, we shall mostly focus on life after rehab. Many ex-addicts relapse due to the fact that there are no coping mechanisms for problems that caused them to drink in the first place. From Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to alternative therapies such as Reiki – there are many options based on your situation. Call us today for more information on Drug Rehab Bristol