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Cassiobury Court’s combination of drug detox, medication and therapy sessions make drug addiction recovery as pain free as possible. Our modern, comfortable facility id the ideal setting for a lasting recovery.

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Are you concerned that you have become addicted to drugs? Do you feel like they have taken over your life and that you no longer have control? Just by being on our website today and finding out what happens in drug rehab in Cardiff, you have taken a positive step towards recovery. Please spend a few more minutes on our site finding out how drug rehabilitation works and how we can support you.

It is possible to stop taking drugs on your own but it’s much more successful with professional help. In fact, trying to give up drugs without seeking medical advice can be very dangerous, particularly if you have been using for a while.

Drug rehab in the UK is very successful and it combines a range of person-centred treatments to help patients recover from drug addiction. Most patients are referred to a local drug rehab clinic by their GP while others choose to contact a clinic direct by Googling “drug rehab near me”. Some employers are also able to fund drug addiction therapy via private medical insurance schemes.

Our drug rehabilitation centre in Cardiff is staffed by highly trained, supportive staff who deliver round the clock care every day of the year.  To find out more about how we can help you overcome your drug addiction, please call our drug rehab centre team in total confidence today on (number). Or, if you prefer, you can leave your details on the form below and we will call you back.


How can I tell if I’m living with a drug addiction?

People become addicted to drugs because that’s what the people who make and sell them want to happen. Drugs are especially formulated to get you hooked, so please don’t feel guilty or ashamed that you are in this situation. Drug addiction is an illness, not something you have chosen.

Drugs have a huge effect on the way our bodies and minds work. The more drugs a person takes, the more they begin to depend on them. Stopping can be hugely painful, both physically and mentally, so people try to overcome that pain by using again.

By this point, the drugs have taken hold. The high you get from taking drugs is your brain’s way of tricking you into thinking you need them, just like the pain you feel when you stop.


How does drug rehab work?

You may wonder what happens in drug rehab courses. Before you begin, you must understand that your success depends on your commitment to giving up drugs.

Your treatment will begin with a 28 day stay in our Cardiff clinic. This starts with a detox program that can last anything up to two weeks depending on how serious your addiction has become. During this process it’s absolutely essential that you completely abstain from drugs so your recovery can properly begin.

This is the most challenging part of the process for many people and requires round the clock medical supervision. To help you with the withdrawal symptoms, our Cardiff team will offer you prescription medication such as Buprenorphine and Naltrexone.

This is just the start of your recovery. We will also work with you for as long as you need us to help you find new ways of coping with life’s challenges without taking drugs. Our aim is to give you a new, more positive outlook on life that lasts forever.


Do drug rehabs really work?

Drug rehab success rates and statistics show that drug rehabilitation is very successful as long as patients commit to them.

In the year to March 2017, 25,833 people (minus those who were transferred) took drug addiction treatment for opiates. Because the program is challenging, 15,394 dropped out or left. But the 10,439 who stayed until the end were all declared free of addiction, with 9,116 not using drugs anymore.


How long are drug rehab programs?

As mentioned earlier, your 28 day stay at our Cardiff clinic is just the beginning of your recovery. You will probably still want to know, “how long does drug rehab last?”

This is a difficult question to answer because everyone is different. Your treatment will be specifically tailored to you as an individual, so you can receive support from us for as long as you need to.

Is drug rehab covered by health insurance? How much do drug rehabs cost?

A common question is “is drug rehab free?” and sadly it’s not. Many private health insurance policies may pay out for drug rehab though so please do check with your insurance company to see if you could be covered for treatment at our Cardiff clinic.

I can’t afford drug rehab – I don’t have insurance. What can I do?

The first question people ask us is often “how much is drug rehabilitation at your Cardiff clinic?” and that really depends on how much treatment is needed. If you need help but are worried you can’t afford it, please do still contact us.

Is drug rehab on the NHS?

The NHS does not have its own drug rehab centres in the UK. When someone is referred for drug rehab, the referral goes to a private clinic like ours here in Cardiff. Please do be aware that the NHS list is very long and there are no guarantees of a place.

Is drug rehab confidential?

Yes – we will always treat you with respect and confidentiality here at our Cardiff clinic.

Does drug rehab for teens work?

Drug rehab has been proven to be very successful among teens, both here in Cardiff and the rest of the UK. Many of the techniques used for adults are used with young people, with similar success rates.

What is a drug rehabilitation requirement?

A judge may issue a drug rehabilitation requirement as part of a punishment if an offender has a drug problem. It states that the person must attend a drug treatment program.