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We have treatment centres for Drug Rehab in Hastings

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Drug Rehab Hastings

For many people, when they want to open up about their addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, there is still a reaction of disdain from friends and family members. Many addicts do still not try and find help for their drug problem due to the stigma surrounding drug abuse.

However, breaking through that barrier is probably one of the most courageous things someone can do. Accepting you have an addiction that could lead to your life falling apart and facing your addiction head on is brave. If you are reading this page because you came to terms with your addiction – you have already completed step one of your Drug Rehab.

Let Cassiobury Court help you through the rest. We can offer you a Drug Rehab Hastings that will support you and help you become clean within 28 days.

Drug Rehab Hastings

At our Drug Rehab Hastings clinic, we have been working with counsellors who have been through the same thing as you have. Just like millions of other people, they have gone through difficult period, yet came out victorious. At Cassiobury Court, we have the required expertise, and a tried and tested approach to drug rehab.

The first step to becoming clean is drug detox. For many addicts of heavier drugs such as cocaine and heroin, there is the issue of withdrawal symptoms. Often, heavy addicts can get very sick if they do not ingest their drugs. Opioid users in particular have a difficult time during withdrawal. The reason for this is that your body gets used to your regular use of heroin/morphine/oxycodone. Once your body is signalling it is missing something, it might react differently.

With heroin, the withdrawal symptoms might lead to death in the most severe cases. We advise you not to do the detoxing at home, and instead come into the clinic where medical professionals are able to help you in case it gets too difficult.

After the detox session, counselling and therapy sessions will begin. These sessions will explore the reasoning behind the addictive behaviour and to help identify the triggers that cause or set off the addiction. We can also offer family-based therapy sessions where friends and family can attend the clinic to help with your recovery.

We offer FREE aftercare for a full year post detox and rehab. Our Drug Rehab Hastings service can change your life for the better. Call us today on 01923 804 139 for more information.