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If you suffer from drug addiction and need to start your recovery, then we at Cassiobury Court can help. Our drug rehab programmes are unique to the individual and combine the perfect balance of detox and therapy. Call us for advice and further information on our Islington drug addiction services.

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Drug Rehab Islington

If you’re concerned about your relationship with drugs and you feel like drugs are taking over your life, a positive step is to find out what happens in drug rehab. Searching for information about how drug rehabilitation works is a good place to start and our team here in Islington are happy to help answer any questions you have.

While some people have managed to stop taking drugs on their own, it’s incredibly difficult without professional help. In fact, it can be very dangerous to give up suddenly, particularly if you have been using for a long time.

Drug rehab in the UK is highly successful and well-developed, using a range of advanced methods and treatments to help patients overcome drug addiction. In many cases, patients are referred to a local drug rehab clinic by their GP but others choose to take ownership by contacting a clinic themselves, starting by searching “drug rehab near me” online. Sometimes, drug rehab can be covered by private medical insurance.

Here, at our Islington drug rehabilitation centre, we provide support and treatment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our highly trained and experienced drug rehab centre team have helped many clients overcome drug addiction, so to find out more about how we can support you please contact us in complete confidence on (number). Alternatively, you can complete the contact form below and we will get back to you.


How can I tell if I’m living with a drug addiction?

The first thing you should know is that drug addiction is an illness, not something you have deliberately chosen to happen to you. Drugs are specially formulated by the people who make them to be as addictive as possible – the fact that it worked on you is not something to feel guilty about.

Drugs have a huge effect on the body and the brain. The more you take, the more you begin to depend on them and after just a short period of time your brain will start playing tricks on you by making you feel you need drugs to get by day to day. Trying to go without drugs can be very painful, both emotionally and physically, and the only way to overcome those feelings is to take more.

By this point, you have become addicted to drugs. Your brain rewards you by making you feel high when you take them and awful when you don’t.


How does drug rehab work?

Many people wonder what happens in drug rehab courses. The most important thing you need to know is that it will be hard work, and your success depends on your commitment to kick your addiction.

Your treatment begins with a 28 day residential stay here at our private, friendly clinic in Islington. This will include a Detox program which can last up to two weeks depending on how serious your drug addiction has become. This is a very important part of the process that requires you to completely stop taking drugs so all traces can be removed from your system.

This part of the process is probably the most difficult, and you will need constant medical supervision to ensure that your detox is done safely. Our Islington team will offer you prescription medication such as Buprenorphine and Naltrexone to help you with the withdrawal symptoms.

This is just the start of your recovery. From this point on, we will provide you with as much help and support as you need, both as a resident with us in Islington and after you return home. Our aim is for you to become completely drug-free so we will work with you to identify triggers and find new ways to deal with life’s challenges.


Do drug rehabs really work?

Drug rehab success rates and statistics are very good as long as the patient is willing to see the treatment through from start to finish.

In the twelve months leading up to March 2017  (for people with opiate addiction minus those who were transferred) 25,833 people started drug addiction treatment. 15,394 dropped out or left, but those who stayed – 10,439 – were declared to be free of dependence. 9,116 stopped taking drugs completely.


How long are drug rehab programs?

As previously stated, your drug rehab program begins with a residential stay here at our Islington clinic, but that’s just the start of your treatment. The question “how long does drug rehab last?” can be difficult to answer because treatment varies from person to person. The rehab almost always starts with a drug detox.

Everyone is different so what takes one person a few weeks may last several months for another. Our treatment is completely person-centred so we will only discharge you from outpatient treatment when you are ready.

Is drug rehab covered by health insurance? How much do drug rehabs cost?

Many people ask us “is drug rehab free?” and unfortunately it isn’t. However, many private health insurance policies pay out on drug rehab so it’s worth talking to your insurance company or your employer if have cover through work.  Our Islington team will be happy to answer any questions.

I can’t afford drug rehab – I don’t have insurance. What can I do?

“How much is drug rehabilitation?” is a common online search question. At our Islington clinic, just like other parts of the UK, it depends entirely on how much treatment you need and how long you are with us. if you feel that you need treatment but you’re worried about being able to afford it please do still get in touch – we may be able to signpost you to an organisation which can help.

Is drug rehab on the NHS?

The NHS does not have its own drug rehab centres so, when a patient is referred for treatment, it is to a private clinic like ours here in Islington. Please be aware that waiting lists are very long and subject to strict selection criteria so it can take a very long time to get a place through the NHS.

Is drug rehab confidential?

Absolutely – all our work here at Islington is completely confidential.

Does drug rehab for teens work?

In Islington and up and down the country, many young people are referred for drug rehab for teens. The treatments used are often the same as those used for adult patients, and they can be very successful.

What is a drug rehabilitation requirement?

A drug rehabilitation requirement is issued by a court, stating that an offender should attend a drug rehabilitation program as part of their punishment.