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If you are based in Milton Keynes, looking to transform yours or a loved one’s life for the better, see how our Cassiobury Court rehab centre can benefit you.

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The effects of a Drug Addiction

Mental and physical side-effects, homelessness and the inability to live a well-controlled positive life are some of the negative experiences attached to drug addiction. Although we have significant facts and figures on the implications of drug use, addictions continue to overtake the United Kingdom.

A drug addiction not only effects the user’s life. It effects the life of those around them. Observing a loved one’s journey with an addiction can be distressing and a difficult process to take in. Are you witnessing a loved one damaging their life through drug abuse? Or maybe you’re looking to overcome your own demons which influence your drug addiction? If so, it’s time to seek expert support.

Without the right help, a chronic drug addiction will develop, leading to life-threatening consequences. To increase the chances of overcoming a drug addiction, search for a local rehab centre today who offers residential addiction treatment.

If you are based in Milton Keynes, looking to transform yours or a loved one’s life for the better, see how our Cassiobury Court rehab centre can benefit you.

Our approach here at Cassiobury Court

Here at Cassiobury Court we understand how difficult this time is. We understand that acknowledging an addiction can be distressing. We understand that rehabilitation sounds daunting. With that said, we have created a home from home rehab centre to support those in need. Our approach is simple – to provide addiction treatment that works, while offering a taste of luxury for comfort.

We believe that the environment you experience and the support you receive are the driving forces for long-term recovery. Of course, our treatments conquer the addiction however, without a complete rehabilitation programme, relapses are possible.

From start to finish, we ensure that your journey is positive and achieves your end goal of leaving drug-free. We will provide support from initial enquiry, straight thorough to aftercare guidance to ensure you are living your best life.

If you’re passionate about change, returning home to Milton Keynes drug-free, contact our compassionate team today on 01923 369161 / or text HELP to 83222 to start the process of drug rehab.

Why our rehab centre

Alongside our support and industry leading, highly successful addiction treatments, we believe that our service sets us apart to other rehab centres. Taking your personal requirements into consideration, we will ensure you have everything you need for a comfortable, successful rehab experience.

Additionally, we understand that dependencies, such as a drug addiction can affect anyone. From the rich, to the less fortunate, a psychological disorder does not consider your financial situation. Therefore, here at Cassiobury Court rehab centre, we offer treatment for all budgets, ensuring you can receive support if you’re looking to help yourself. It takes a brave, strong person to take the first step of rehabilitation, therefore, we will do our utmost to help you, while keeping to budget.

Speaking of support, we will offer around the clock guidance to all clients and family members. The process of residential rehabilitation can be difficult for both parties. We reassure you, motivate you, guide you and most importantly listen to you, ensuring that this important time is focused on you, and your future.

Take this time to work on yourself and provide yourself with the best chance to overcome your drug addiction with a reputable rehab centre who cares.

Treatments to help you overcome your Drug Addiction

If you like the sound of what we can offer you here at Cassiobury Court rehab centre, we have a wide range of addiction treatments to work through. We believe in following a holistic approach, ensuring we are working on each area of your drug addiction. Within your personalised treatment plan, you can expect to see a variety of treatments such as:

Psychological Therapies

Any addiction is influenced by a psychological connection to an item, object or activity. To help you slowly reduce your drug addiction, a variety or psychological therapies will be offered. They will work on your addiction history, getting to the bottom of your initial connection, followed by promoting positive thoughts regarding a future drug-free. Treatments will include support groups, cognitive behavioural therapy and family therapy sessions.

Wellbeing Therapies

Here is where you will learn self-care whilst promoting healthy coping mechanisms to work through your withdrawal symptoms. Most clients will experience a full drug detox. Therefore, our wellbeing activities are in place to help you work through the negative disconnect you will begin to feel, helping you turn it on its head, acknowledging it as a positive step. Therapies will include meditation, personal training sessions and sleep management sessions.

Social Activities

To help form a strong support network around you through this difficult time, social activities will be recommended. This will help you find yourself again, while boosting your inspiration to conquer your drug addiction.

Relapse Prevention Sessions

Once treatment has been completed, we will also offer relapse prevention sessions to prepare you for your return home to Milton Keynes. Here is where both you and your family will learn coping mechanisms, along with devising a long-term recovery plan to minimise any potential drug relapses. This step is highly important to ensure you are ready to return home, surrounded by your previous influences.

Please be assured that a return home will only ever be recommended once you feel ready and we believe that you are prepared. No matter how long it takes, we will work through a variety of appropriate addiction treatments to diminish your drug dependency. We will ensure you are equipped with the tools to take control of your new life, and flourish without drug abuse.

If you are based in Milton Keynes, serious about overcoming your drug addiction, give our expert team a call today on 01923 369161 / or text HELP to 83222. Addiction shouldn’t be dealt with alone. We can provide you with each step, helping you overcome your long-term dependency.

Begin your journey to a drug-free future today by speaking to our admissions team.