Anxiety Quiz

Please answer yes or no to the below 10 questions.  These questions focus in on some of anxiety's more common symptoms. Anxiety is thought to affect around 350 million people globally.  Taking this test helps you evaluate whether you really are suffering from anxiety.  The results of this test should be considered a form of self-diagnosis and seeking the help of a professional is vitally important. 

Over the preceding four weeks, have you been affected by any of the below emotions or conditions? Please tick either YES or NO. Once you've completed the below questions hit the SUBMIT button:

Do you ever experience a short but intense feeling of panic or fear?

Do you ever experience a feeling of 'impending doom' where you're convinced something bad is about to happen to you?

Do you ever experience physical sensations such as a fast beating heart, sweating, shortness of breath, shaking or nervousness?

Have you ever visited your GP concerning your anxiety?

Are you forever in a state of worry?

Do you avoid certain people or places because you believe this could trigger your anxiety?

Do you ever experience anxiety or a full panic attack when you are placed in situations you feel you cannot escape from e.g. in a traffic jam, standing in a queue of people or in a crowd?

When you visit a location you've never been to before, do you first determine where all the exits are located?

Do you suffer from anxiety at least three times per week?

Do you ever worry about your mental well being?

Do you 'give in' to other's demands even when you do not wish to?

Do you plan your day around your anxiety?

Does your anxiety ever prevent you from living the life you want to live?

Do you ever feel you may suffer from a sleeping disorder?

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