Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centres

Cassiobury Court is a specialist residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre. We maintain a 21-bedroom modern facility at our stunning Hertfordshire location. Within this residential treatment centre, we offer a range of effective treatment techniques to ensure your stay in a rehab centre is your last!


Residential Alcohol Rehab & Drug Rehab

Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre

If you are suffering with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, then you may feel alone – you probably feel the same way if you are looking for information on behalf of a loved one.

At our residential rehab centres, each client receives our undivided attention with support available 24 hours per day. You will be assured to know that each treatment programme is tailored around the clients needs to ensure a long term recovery.

At our rehab clinics, you will recover from your addiction in a beautiful residential setting with discreet gardens around you.


A Truly Unique Drug and Alcohol Treatment Experience

Cassiobury Court has been described as the UK’s leading provider of residential treatment services. Why? Because we offer a range of services that offer the complete rehab package. This includes detoxification, traditional & holistic therapies, aftercare and relapse prevention.

We also insist on employing some of the UK’s most gifted addiction therapists on an in-house basis. Why? Because this ensures you receive only the most effective and most up-to-date treatment techniques when you attend our residential facility in Hertfordshire.


Leading Drug and Alcohol Rehab Founded Upon The Principles of Abstinence

Cassiobury Court is founded on the simple principle of abstinence. This means you must be willing to give up drugs or alcohol for good when you attend our residential treatment programme. A mere desire to ‘cut down’ isn’t good enough.

In fact, if you have no intention of living your life ‘in recovery,’ we may positively say that our services are not for you. However, if you wish to live your life without drugs and alcohol, please read on, because what follows could be the most important message you ever hear!


Therapy Techniques We Provide At Our Addiction Treatment Clinic

When you attend Cassiobury Court’s residential treatment centre, you are exposed to a programme that’s crammed with highly effective treatment techniques. These techniques include cognitive behavioural therapy, psychotherapy and a range of holistic therapies.

Each of these therapy techniques is uniquely valuable for people looking to tackle drug and alcohol addiction. We select each therapy based on rigorous testing and from the feedback we receive from our clients.

If you are suffering from alcohol and drug addiction, our residential alcohol rehab centre will provide you with an experience which will change your outlook on life and allow you to live a substance abuse free lifestyle.


Out-Client Alternatives Combined With Residential Rehab

Overcoming Residential Rehab

The other treatment option is out-client therapy. This means you receive treatment during the daylight hours but return home following the conclusion of daily sessions. Out-client treatment is most effective when combined with residential treatment.

Out-client treatment’s main disadvantage is that the client is not entirely removed from his or her ‘using environment’ when treatment is undertaken. This means the risk of relapse is particularly apparent during an out-client treatment programme.

However, the provision of out-client treatment is particularly successful when combined with residential treatment. In fact, we do not recommend residential treatment that’s lacking in the provision of out-client treatment. Why? Because once residential treatment concludes, it’s highly likely the client will require ongoing support upon his or her return home.

For this reason, Cassiobury Court offers a FREE 12-month aftercare programme for each client who completes our residential treatment in Hertfordshire.


Taking The Next Step For Our Addiction Treatment Programmes

To discover how we are able to assist you in your fight against drug and alcohol addiction, contact us today on 01923 369 161. Alternatively, contact us through this website and a member of our team will respond to you shortly.