Cocaine Detox

Before cocaine detox can begin, it is important to understand the effects and risks associated with the drug.


Cocaine is recognisable as a white powder, although it can be converted into crack, which forms small lumps. It is a powerful stimulant that has short-lived effects, often 20-30 minutes. It is typically taken by snorting it up through a user’s nose, although it is also possible to make it into a solution to be injected.
Cocaine users claim its use gives them a sense of euphoria and makes them feel very confident and sometimes aggressive. It raises the body’s temperature and raises the heart-rate. As the effects wear off, the user starts to experience a “come down”, which can include the feeling of being depressed or run-down. This effect can last for several days.

Cocaine Detox Risks

Cocaine Detox

There are many risks associated with taking cocaine. These can include:

  • Addiction – due to the short-term effects and the resulting ‘come down’, it can be very tempting to take more of the drug to alleviate the symptoms.
  • Overdose – Taking cocaine can increase the heart rate, a high dose could result in convulsions or a heart attack. This risk is increased if the cocaine is mixed with other drugs.
  • Depression – One of the main effects of cocaine is depression. This can also lead to problems with anxiety and panic attacks
  • Financial problems – Cocaine is not just addictive, it is also expensive. Those who develop a habit may find it difficult to finance it.
  • Physical damage – Sustained cocaine use can cause damage to your nose, specifically the cartilage. Over time, the cartilage can wear away completely leaving users with only one nostril.
  • Personality change – The effects of cocaine can include over-confidence and aggression. This can result in taking silly risks upsetting those close to you. Consistent use may result in the user being alienated from those who care about them.

How we can help

Our cocaine detox programme is the first step towards recovery in our drug rehab programme. The addiction is mainly psychological, as users often take it to combat the effects of depression that it creates. Therefore, detox is combined with other therapies to raise the user’s self-esteem.
We have a range of treatments to help with your cocaine rehabilitation, including detox, counselling and holistic therapies. For more information call us on .