Addiction to drugs or alcohol can have a devastating effect on the families and friends of someone suffering from addiction. Many struggle to cope with the impact and behaviour that can be caused by addiction and try to manage for weeks, months and often years before feeling able to ask for help.

At Step One Recovery, we have been supporting families and those closest to each client for many years; ensuring that each family member gets the support they need and deserve in their own right and helping whole families repair their relationships and work together to beat addiction.

Many family members often experience feelings of guilt, shame and find reasons to blame themselves sometimes for their loved ones addiction. The causes of addiction are unique to every client and often there can be multiple and complex reasons why someone has become addicted to drugs or alcohol. These take a lot of understand and work to resolve, often there is no quick fix, and like all successes, there can be failure along the way before reaching the ultimate goal of recovery.

Tackling addiction is not only a hard job for our clients, but is often made harder if we are unable to support and treat their wider family support network. Family members or carers can often feel isolated and alone as they battle with the addictions of their loved one. Here at Step One Recovery we are always on hand to ensure that this doesn’t happen and work closely with family members before, during and after a client enters our treatment programme.

Our admissions team are on hand seven days a week to talk to you and provide you with as much or as little information and guidance as possible. It just takes one phone call and our admissions team can help you work through a range of options for your loved one and help you both choose the right treatment programme and support for you all.

Sorting out an admission for your loved one is only part of the story at Step One Recovery. Throughout your loved ones stay our treatment centre teams will be able to provide you with regular support and feedback over the telephone about any issue that is concerning you; or (if your relative allows us) to discuss the progress they are making in their programme.

Step One Recovery offers a range of Family Intervention Services that you could purchase at any time. These are often a great way to help families develop the skills and tools that you may need to support each other in the future.

Our Admissions team will be able to:

  • Understand more about your concerns for your relative and discuss the range of treatment programmes that may suit their needs
  • Help you choose the right treatment centre location within our group for your loved one.
  • Discuss your budget and our range of affordable programmes to suit yours or your loved ones pocket and match this to their treatment and recovery needs
  • Provide you with advice and guidance on how best to manage your relatives behaviour and addiction
  • Answer any questions you may have about their treatment and recovery
  • Provide support for you each day on the telephone while you wait for your loved one to enter treatment
  • Discuss and explore the range of enhanced Family Intervention Services that may support you all to achieve freedom from addiction and its devastating effects

Any family member can make a referral to our services for their loved one. All you need is their consent and we can help you sort out the rest with a phone call or visit to one of our centres.

If you are looking for more support, our range of enhanced family interventions can be found here and may be just what you and your loved ones need.