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If you’re struggling to face up to your problems with drugs or alcohol, there is a strong likelihood that you’re living through denial. Denial is a common emotion, experienced by users, utilised as a coping strategy, as a crutch, as a justifier. 

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In the moment, denial can ease the time of living with a drug and alcohol addiction. Yet, it is a dangerous emotion to experience, as it removes realism and responsibility, clouding the severity of addiction. If you are coping through denial, it is important that you understand that overcoming this is mandatory, in order to progress towards drug and alcohol rehabilitation. To do so, sourcing professional support will be recommended, helping you slowly acknowledge your drug and alcohol addiction, along with physical and psychological associations.

At Cassiobury Court, we can help you through this process, while facilitating your withdrawal and rehabilitation journey. Through a specialist rehab clinic, we offer a range of addiction treatments and recovery programmes, ready to assist you through rehabilitation. Yet, to consider our facility, you must be open-minded, happy to look beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in Cheshire.

While there are many specialist rehab clinics in the Cheshire area, if you’re struggling with an addiction, this can be an inappropriate fit for your needs. See the value of residential rehab, further afield, helping you emotionally, physically and psychologically move yourself away from drugs and alcohol.


Overcoming denial with professional support

Do you downplay your side effects, withdrawal symptoms or drug and alcohol consumption? Do you attempt to justify your excessive drug and alcohol consumption? Do you actively push your drug and alcohol problems to the back of your mind? Do you suffer in silence with addiction?

If you’ve answered yes to the above, there is a strong probability that you’re experiencing denial. As shared above, denial is a coping strategy. It’s used to protect individuals from their reality. However, denial is dangerous, down to the fact that it delays the inclination to withdraw from drugs and alcohol. It also clouds the severity of consumption, making it difficult to see physical and psychological damages, caused through that consumption.

One of the negatives of denial is that you’ll likely suffer alone through addiction. This can be extremely difficult, where loneliness, where mental health issues, where greater substance abuse will commonly be the case. All of these factors can aggravate an addiction while reducing your opportunity for personal support.

Down to the dangers, it is imperative that you do overcome denial. Through professional support, this is possible, helping you slowly acknowledge your problem with drugs and alcohol, open up, and also consider professional rehabilitation.

The best way you can do this is to reach out for emotional and confidential support here at Cassiobury Court.


Free Drug & Alcohol Support in Cheshire

There are many free support options for drug and alcohol addiction in Chesire. Here are some helpful options;

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Cheshire

Chester Holy Trinity
Holy Trinity Church Hall, Norris Rd, Blacon

Time: 19:30 – 21:00 duration 1hr 30mins
Distance: 0 miles
Postcode: CH1 5RS
(wheelchair access available)


Narcotics Anonymous Meetings in Cheshire

Recovery’s The New Cool
9 Allcock Street, Birmingham, West Midlands CGL Widnes, Ashton Dane, Waterloo Road, Widnes, Cheshire

Time: 19:30 – 21:15 duration 1hr 45 mins
Distance: Within 10 miles
Postcode: WA8 0QR



Overlooking a drug and alcohol rehab in Cheshire

If you’ve considered the idea of rehab, do you normally gravitate towards a local facility? If this is the case, this is a natural reaction, down to the desire of comfort.

In some cases, selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Cheshire can work. If you reside in a positive and supportive environment, you can thrive locally. If you’re struggling with standalone physical associations, you’ll likely cope through exposure. If familiarity will motivate you, remaining local will too.

However, if your life deviates from this, where you reside in an influential setting, where physical and psychological associations exist, where familiarity and exposure will hinder your capabilities, overlooking a local rehab clinic will be encouraged.

While selecting the easiest option may feel best, this is proof that personal rehab experiences are required. Selecting suitability over convenience should be prioritised when considering your impending drug and alcohol rehabilitation process.


Our specialities here at Cassiobury Court

If you’re keen to avoid drug and alcohol exposure, social, environmental or emotional triggers, and familiarity, selecting residential rehab will be idyllic. At Cassiobury Court, we specialise in residential rehab, by providing a safe haven for our clients to live and recover from.

We understand that moving away from Cheshire may feel daunting. Yet, with our support, with our personal rehab programmes, with our relaxing and luxury environment, you will have the capabilities to thrive. There are many benefits of our speciality, from greater privacy and comfort, to efficient rehabilitation processes.

Yet, the invaluable benefit is that you will experience a handheld approach to drug and alcohol rehab which is catered around your exact needs. From the addiction treatments you require, to the form and level of care you need to truly embrace rehab.

At Cassiobury Court, we care. We care about our client’s futures, with the intention to become free from drugs, alcohol and their controlling characteristics. Through investing into residential drug and alcohol rehab, this is possible.


Rehab Facilities


The admission process into rehab

If our rehab clinic is favoured over a drug and alcohol rehab in Cheshire, you can start the process by reaching out for our support. We can firstly help you overcome any depths of denial, by acknowledging your struggles, your experiences with drugs and alcohol, and your end goals. From here, we will complete a pre-admission screening, ensuring that you are healthy on physical and psychological levels to experience rehab.

If you are happy to progress forward with your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey, a deposit will be required, soon followed by a mutually convenient admission date. Once that date comes around, your drug and alcohol rehab programme will begin. Yet, prior to this, a further assessment will be completed, helping to understand the dynamic of your drug and alcohol addiction. By doing so, we can fulfil our mission, by providing personal rehab programmes for all.

This process can be completed efficiently, as soon as you can face up to your problems with drugs and alcohol. Once you’re ready to do so, you can embark on your withdrawal and realignment processes, you can work through relapse prevention, and you can strengthen sober living probabilities for your return to Cheshire.

Reach out today for more information on residential rehab, removing you from distractions, disruptions and damages in Cheshire.

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