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Benefits of Long-Term Rehab

The duration of your rehabilitation depends on many factors, most of all the severity of your addiction, how long you have been addicted to a certain substance and any mental health problems you may suffer from.
Many addicts seeking drug or alcohol addiction treatment at Cassiobury Court find it difficult to decide how long their treatment programme should last for. We offer treatment programmes ranging from ten up to forty-two days in duration. Many of our clients elect to stay in our care for twenty-eight days. Experience has proven this amount of time to be far superior over shorter rehab programmes we offer, for reasons we discuss below.
Some treatment providers may recommend a five-day detox in order to secure your business. However, at Cassiobury Court, we feel this practice is immoral and positively dangerous for the health of the client. Short-term fixes simply do not work. Many years of drug or alcohol abuse cannot be corrected in such a short period of time. The only exception to this rule is NAD+ IV therapy.

The woes of short treatment

Many clients elect to undergo short-term treatment in order to save time and money. But if this treatment is unsuccessful (as it often is) you will have simply wasted your money and you will have returned back to where you began. You will now need to incur additional expenditure on treatment. The experience of relapse and the feeling of failure often pushes addicts to the brink of destruction. Often short-term treatment is worse than simply doing nothing about your condition at all.

The timeline of rehabilitation

When you attend Cassiobury Court, depending upon your substance of choice, you must typically undergo detoxification. An alcohol detox programme takes around seven to ten days to complete. Patients suffering from long-term alcoholism may require even more time in order to fully detox.
Patients addicted to opiates such as heroin and methadone require much longer in order to fully detox. An opiate detox requires clients to attend our centre for around three weeks at the bare minimum.
Once your detox is complete, you will feel far healthier. Many of our clients feel ‘ready to return home’. However, this new breath of life can be very damaging if the client returns home without receiving ample treatment for the psychological component of drug or alcohol addiction.
Therapy programmes require time to complete. This is because therapy involves a process of self-discovery, healing and knowledge acquisition that typically must be absorbed over several weeks. Unlike many other illnesses, there exists no ‘antidote’ to addiction. The only real ‘cure’ for addiction is willpower coupled with the right amount of therapy.
When you choose to attend our rehabilitation centre for twenty-eight days you gain ample time to heal both from a mental and physical point of view.
Patients who commit around four weeks to therapy sessions generally gain a better chance of staying in recovery compared to clients who merely undergo a ‘detox’.

The benefits of long-term rehab

Now we list the key benefits of long-term rehab:

  • Additional time to resolve emotional causes of addiction
  • Greater opportunities for ‘family therapy’
  • Treatment isn’t dominated by detox
  • Lower risk of relapse compared to short-term treatment
  • Additional time for new healthier habits to form
  • Additional time to break the cycle of addictive behaviours
  • Additional time to adjust to a sober lifestyle

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