If you’re suffering with drug or alcohol addiction and are seeking rehabilitation for yourself, a family member, or friend, we understand you will have many questions and concerns.  We have compiled a list of some of the most common questions we get asked in our drug and alcohol rehab faqs.

If you have any unanswered questions please call us on 01923 369 161, a member of our team would be happy to help.

During your stay, you will be engaged in a range of activities including group work, one to one therapy and some physical activities. It is essential that you feel and comfortable and at ease in your clothing as you can during these. Please ensure you bring Comfortable clothing / nightwear, Comfortable Shoes including, trainers, slippers, etc with you. If you are choosing one of our facilities that has a Jacuzzi (Hygrove House & Ocean Recovery) you will be required to bring suitable swimwear or shorts.
Shower gels and Soap are complimentary in your room, but you are welcome to bring your own favourite shampoos and shower gels. Can you ensure that your toiletries do not contain any alcohol (e.g. Mouthwash Alcohol Free Only) Towels, bedlinen and bathrobes are supplied throughout your stay by us, so no need to pack these items unless you have a favourite fluffy bathrobe or towel.
Pictures of family / friends, Books & suitable reading literature, Musical Instruments i.e. guitar, etc are allowed and most clients feel at home surrounded by their own things.
Mobile Phones, Tablets and Laptop Devices are permitted and each centre offers FREE Wifi access during your stay.
If you are currently in receipt of any Prescribed medication for a medical condition by your GP or Specialist, you should ensure you make our admissions team aware and arrange to bring enough of these medications with you on admission. Any medication for your detoxification and treatments with us will be supplied by our own Doctor and Pharmacy.
Each day, clients will go for a walk after lunch and find this the perfect time to buy a small number of goodies and treats for themselves, supported by one of our staff team. The purchase of alcohol or medication is strictly prohibited during your stay at our centres, but please ensure you bring a small amount of cash with you for your extra treats.

If you are entering treatment with us, it is likely that you have a dependency to alcohol or drugs may be intoxicated on admission. We cannot condone driving whilst under the influence of either drugs or alcohol and would advise that a family member or friend drive your vehicle to the centre for you on admission; leaving you free to leave us at the end of your treatment (drug and alcohol free) behind the wheel of your own car.
You will not be permitted to use your car whilst you are receiving treatment from us and all external outings must be accompanied by a member of our team. On admission, you will be required to hand your car keys into our office for safekeeping and to enable us to move your vehicle in the event of an emergency at the property.
Parking is limited at some centres, so please check before you arrive. The Step One Recovery cannot accept responsibility for vehicles or their contents parked on any of our premises and clients should ensure your own vehicle insurance remains valid during this period.

The Step One Recovery works hard to find and employee the right teams across all our centres. Your recovery team will include a mixture of staff from different health and social care backgrounds; ranging from our experienced and qualified addiction and recovery workers, to our qualified and experienced support staff.
All our staff undergo rigours checks prior to employment, including the UK’s National Disclosure and Barring Service; ensuring our workforce are safe and competent to look after your care needs Our Medical Teams are all expertly qualified to carry out their role within the Step One Recovery and undergo annual checks to ensure their medical registration and occupational practice is up-to-date and in line with best practice and clinical governance.

During your stay at one of our centres, we believe it is important to allow you time and space to meet with your family or friends. This usually takes place every Sunday afternoon and provides you with an opportunity to stay in touch and for them to see how well you are doing in your treatment.
During Sunday visiting, you can make arrangements with the team, to go out with your family for the duration of the visit. Some clients prefer to go for a coffee or local walk with their family during these times. However, it is essential that during these times you and your family ensure you do not consume or purchase alcohol or drugs. You will be checked by our team on your return and any breach of this may result in your treatment contract being terminated.
Our centres reserve to right to refuse admission to any visitors if the unit believe a visitor is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or posing a risk to staff or other clients and visitors.
You must notify the team of any planned visitors to the centre, ensuring that staff are able to only allow your chosen guests in and to ensure that the confidentiality and discretion for all clients is maintained.
Special arrangements for visits outside of these times may be possible. Please discuss this with a member of our team or the unit manager during your stay.

During your stay at any of our centres, you are able to maintain access to your phone during your free time. Phones or devices are not permitted during therapy sessions or treatments and you are politely asked to leave you phone either safely in your room or hand it to a member of our team during these times.
You will have FREE access to Wifi during your stay to enable you to keep in touch with family and friends on social media and able to make calls during free times. However, we respectfully request that you respect other clients and the centre by:

  • Refraining from taking calls in all communal areas
  • Do not access or share materials or images that could be considered offensive, pornographic or discriminatory
  • Maintaining your phone on vibrate or silent when sat in communal areas
  • Adhering to the Step One Recovery confidentiality and social media policy at all times during your treatment programme and do not post images of staff or clients on social media without prior and express consent from the subject and the centre.

Step One Recovery cannot accept responsibility or any liability arising from the loss, theft, damage or destruction of your mobile devices and you must check your device insurance to ensure that you are fully covered for these circumstances, or accept these at your own liability and cost.
You may arrange for private calls using our phones, just ask any member of staff and they will be able to assist you.

Yes, during the course of your stay you may receive post or parcels at the centre. It is not unusual for clients doing well in their treatment to receive gifts, cards and letters; or to treat themselves to a new outfit from a reputable online retailer. However, request that you notify our office of any expected deliveries and the likely content of these.
We have a responsibility to you and other clients to ensure our centres stay safe and free from illicit drugs or alcohol. A member of our team must be present when you receive and open any deliveries and reserve the right to confiscate any items that may be considered unsuitable, e.g. Alcohol or medication and hold these until you leave your treatment programme.
Step One Recovery cannot accept responsibility for items lost, damaged or sent in error on delivery. These remain your personal responsibility once the goods are received on our premises.

Each of our centres have designated smoking areas outside for clients to smoke. The use of electronic smoking equipment (e-cigs, Vape, etc) or tobacco products are not permitted within our centres and must be confined to designated smoking areas only.
We politely ask that you consider other clients, staff and visitors before smoking in or around them and to ensure that all cigarettes are fully extinguished in the ashtrays provided.
There is a daily walk and visit to local shops which provide you with the opportunity to purchase cigarettes or similar products each day.
During your stay with us, you can gain support and advice on methods that may assist you to stop smoking and improve your health. Please speak to any member of our team about this and see how we can help.