Heroin Rehab

The heroin rehab treatment programme at Cassiobury Court helps people with a Heroin addiction to recover.

Are you or a loved one suffering from a Heroin Addiction? The Heroin Rehab treatment programme at Cassiobury Court helps people with a Heroin Addiction to recover. You’re not alone.

Heroin Rehab- What does Heroin Actually Do?

Heroin is a well known substance throughout the world. Heroin is from the opiate drug family and derived from the opium poppy which primarily grows in southern and central Asia. Users can inject, smoke or snort heroin. It is an illicit and controlled substance in most countries in the world, and also has the status as one of the most dangerous drugs in the world – and for a good reason. Originally, Heroin in its current form was developed as medication, but it did not take long before many people found out about the side-effects of heroin use, for recreational purposes.

If you are a user yourself, you probably already know the effects of the drug very well. For those who read this due to concerns about a loved one, and do not know much about the drug and it’s appeals: – what pulls people to the drug is the so-called “rush”. After injecting heroin, you feel euphoric, and a sensation of peace.

Heroin is extremely dangerous on the other hand. Overdosing on the drug could lead to death, and consistent use can lead to a rapidly deteriorating overall health. From serious skin and dental conditions, to a heightened risk of HIV through sharing needles. It is important that you or your loved one quits as soon as possible – heroin does kill.

Heroin Rehab – How It Works (Video)

Heroin Rehab Treatment

Cassiobury Court has developed a unique heroin rehabilitation programme. The heroin detox and rehab programmes tackle both psychological and physiological aspects of the heroin addiction.

Heroin detox will have severe withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms can last for around 2 weeks after any heroin was last taken. Cassiobury Court is a residential rehab clinic, so clients are monitored 24-hours a day by medical staff. During the detox from heroin you could be offered prescribed drugs which will help with the pain of the withdrawal symptoms.

Once withdrawal symptoms start to decline, counselling and therapy sessions will begin. These sessions will explore the reasoning behind the addictive behaviour and to help identify the triggers that cause or set off the addiction. We can also offer family-based therapy sessions where friends and family can attend the clinic to help with your recovery.

Therapy sessions are conducted by qualified team members such as psychotherapists and psychologists. Therapy can be one on one with our resident therapist or alternatively within groups of other clients.

Once therapy sessions are completed a bespoke relapse prevention plan devised. Our clients are encouraged to contact Narcotics Anonymous once the detox and heroin rehab has finished. Cassiobury Court offers a FREE 12-month aftercare package following completion of the heroin rehab programme.

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