Raffa Bari's photo

Raffa Bari

CQC Registered Manager

Dr Mosun's photo

Dr Mosun

Consultant Psychiatrist and Addictions Specialist

Dr Ola Otulana's photo

Dr Ola Otulana

GP and Addiction Specialist Physician

Alison Hipwell's photo

Alison Hipwell

Deputy Manager (Operations Officer)

Jane Pearce's photo

Jane Pearce

Deputy Manager (Clinical Lead)

Seth Bolton's photo

Seth Bolton

Counsellor / Mindfulness / CBT / ACT

Laura Smart's photo

Laura Smart

Integrative Therapist

Dr Misbah Sadiq's photo

Dr Misbah Sadiq

Junior Doctor in Psychiatry

Charlene Plant's photo

Charlene Plant

Registered General Nurse

Keshia Mellis's photo

Keshia Mellis

Recovery Wellbeing Lead

Martin Clifton's photo

Martin Clifton

Recovery Practitioner

Rebecca Crouch's photo

Rebecca Crouch

Recovery Practitioner

Gerard Brown's photo

Gerard Brown

Recovery Practitioner (12 Steps)

Stephen McSweeney's photo

Stephen McSweeney

Recovery Practitioner

Esther Korantemaa Owusu's photo

Esther Korantemaa Owusu

Recovery Practitioner