Residential addiction treatment is a service, which we fully back here at Cassiobury Court, uniquely designed for those experiencing problems with drugs and/or alcohol, who are unable to recover from home, or who will benefit from a residential programme.

Offering a private bedroom to reside from, offering physical and psychological respite from drug and alcohol influences, and offering around the clock care, there are many benefits of residential addiction treatment, waiting for our clients.

Combining a range of leading treatments and therapies, our residential offering provides a strong foundation, support system and routine to work towards full and long-term recovery.

While the idea of a residential stay and the completion of private addiction treatment may feel intimidating, the features of residential rehab are found to provide the best platform to withdraw, to rebuild and to recover from.

If you’re suffering from an addiction, residential rehab here at Cassiobury Court or one of our alternative treatment centres will be beneficial for you. See what to expect from both residential addiction treatment and life after rehab through our services.


The benefits of residential rehab

Offering an escape, offering structure, offering safety, offering assurance and offering an efficient, personal process, residential rehab carries many benefits, which when combined together, provides the most effective form of addiction treatment.

Residential treatment stands as an escape from any ordinary life distractions and temptations. Those distractions and temptations will currently be linked to your reality, triggering your consumption of drugs and/or alcohol.

By removing yourself from those disruptions, the physical and psychological respite will be available to you through residential rehab. You’ll also have a new routine to follow which will embody healthy, positive and recovery driven steps of rehabilitation.

By committing to residential addiction treatment, you will have access to constant 24/7 care and support. This is invaluable through the steps of rehab, as you’ll never know when you need a professional to guide you through withdrawal symptoms, or to act as a listening ear.

A further benefit of residential rehab is that this period will provide sustained respite for your loved ones, for those who currently support you and for those who witness your addictive behaviours. Having the knowledge that you’ll be safely recovering via residential addiction treatment can be reassuring.

There are many invaluable assets of residential addiction treatment, yet the final we want to share with you surround the type of treatment you can encounter by residing from our centre.

Intensive sessions can be completed, a personal plan can be formed for you, your needs can be protected, and you can advance through treatment efficiently, down to the environment you’ll be placed within.


What to expect from residential addiction treatment?

Private addiction treatment will commonly be divided into two categories of clinical detoxification and therapeutic rehabilitation.

The breakdown of each category will depend on your personal needs, and the severity of your addiction, whether that’s to drugs, to alcohol, to gambling or to alternative addictive stimuli. However, experiencing both categories of residential addiction treatment is common, to offer a holistic opportunity for recovery.


Clinical detoxification

Our clinical detoxification service here at Cassiobury Court focuses primarily on clinical physical withdrawal effects from drugs or alcohol. By providing prescribed treatments, observed by a professional and qualified member of our clinical team, each client can feel comfortable when working through withdrawal symptoms, ultimately reflecting physical detachment.

Detoxification isn’t necessary for every single client, as it will depend on the type and quantity of drugs that have been abused. However, for the majority of clients suffering from addiction, the clinical detoxification service is essential as a part of a comprehensive residential addiction treatment programme.

Combining this with the therapeutic stream of rehabilitation will enhance the chance of full and lasting recovery.


Therapeutic rehabilitation

Focusing on the social, emotional and psychological effects of addiction, therapeutic rehabilitation services are promoted through residential addiction treatment.

Through such services, a range of specialist therapy sessions is provided to help clients work through any issues and concerns, along with enabling our clients to build a set of personal tools to motivate and sustain drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Standing as an integral part of rehab, therapeutic forms of addiction treatment services will be recommended on a personal basis to work through the psychological battles of addiction.

Stress management, cognitive behavioural therapy, group counselling, family therapy and exposure therapy are a few treatment services that fall under the therapeutic category.

We firmly believe that addiction recovery is very rare and improbable through medication alone. At Cassiobury Court, we pride ourselves on delivering treatments and care packages that provide clients with varying levels of rehabilitation, alongside clinical treatment programmes.

In addition, both forms of treatment are on a residential basis, to provide assurance of a 24/7 safe and supportive treatment programme; fully embodying the benefits of residential rehab.

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Life beyond rehab

Once the residential stream of rehab has been completed, our aftercare programme can provide an opportunity to meet with other people, in recovery, which can keep you motivated and increase response times during potential relapse risks.

Offering accountability, structure and support, aftercare is invaluable on a post-residential basis, to guide you through the tests and unfamiliarity of sober living.

Aftercare is a non-residential service and can be accessed by visiting any of our residential rehab clinics throughout the UK. This is one of the most effective ways to build comfort and confidence, on a post-residential addiction treatment basis. By continuing treatment and accountability sessions, normalising sobriety can become easier for you.

Completing residential addiction treatment for alcoholism, for drug abuse, for gambling addiction or for any other behavioural problem can seem daunting and overwhelming.

Yet, by providing an optimal environment, programme and routine, designed with recovery in mind, you can soon work towards detoxing, rebuilding and strengthening your recovery capabilities.

Residential rehab isn’t for everyone. Yet it’s something we encourage here at Cassiobury Court, down to the experiences that our clients have, down to the attached success rates that it offers, and down to the long-term opportunity it provides for a full recovery.

Contact our team for more information on residential addiction treatment, along with how our services can personally benefit you and your family.