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Alcohol Dependency

The Signs and Symptoms

If you are unsure as to whether or not you could be addicted to alcohol and have an alcohol dependency, you may appreciate some tips on how to recognise your potential addiction. While symptoms and signs differ from person to person, there are some hallmarks you really should be aware of. This will aid you in your decision to seek professional help from a provider, such as Cassiobury Court, who help thousands of UK and International addicts find their way to sobriety.
The classic and rather obvious sign of alcohol addiction is an increase in your intake of alcohol, even in the face of such unpleasantries as increased medical alignments, family breakdowns and career troubles.
Cravings create much discomfort which can only really be satisfied by the intake of additional alcohol. You feel alone… nobody understands you… you have lost control… you feel like there is no way out from your problem, no matter how hard you try.

alcohol dependency

Alcohol Dependency Withdrawal Symptoms

The problem often intensifies when you stop drinking. The classic withdrawal symptoms often include such unpleasantries as getting ‘the shakes’, excessive perspiration, anxiety and hallucinations.
Additional symptoms of alcohol addiction include:

  • Drink driving and other risky endeavours where, in the presence of alcohol, would either be deemed socially or legally unacceptable
  • Slurring of one’s speech
  • Poor diet and general malnutrition
  • Impaired immune system
  • Swapping your sober friends for new friends who also drink excessively
  • Excessive lying to loved ones
  • Neglecting family obligations
  • Insomnia/sleep deprivation
  • Hallucinations upon withdrawal

The path to alcohol addiction is more often than not an incremental one, akin to gradual weight gain, loved ones do not recognise changes in your drinking patterns until you’ve reached a dangerous place.
Here at Cassiobury Court, one of our expert consultants will be on hand to advise you further on Alcohol Dependency. The above advice is very much a ‘catch all’ set of symptoms and the initial consultation will leave you with a far better grasp of the options available to help defeat your drinking addiction. You can contact Cassiobury Court on .