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Across Scotland, the number of drug and alcohol addictions and related deaths is unfortunately continuing to rise. With the highest addiction rates in Europe, it is important to seek a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Scotland that can help you or a loved one overcome substance abuse.

If you feel out of control with your drug or alcohol use and struggle to cope without consuming any form of drug or alcohol, we can help you at Cassiobury Court. Attending a private rehab centre is the best chance you will have at overcoming addiction for good, and our rehab is a safe space which can help you recover.

By attending a drug and alcohol treatment centre in Scotland, you’ll have the time, focus and expertise to overcome your dependence on drugs and alcohol. Through private rehab treatment, you can recover from drug and alcohol addiction and live a happier life.

For the chance to truly overcome substance abuse, consider attending a specialist treatment centre that can help you overcome drug or alcohol addiction. For more information on private drug and alcohol rehabilitation programmes, get in touch with our compassionate team who can offer advice and guidance about your rehab treatment options.

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Our Treatment Programmes at Cassiobury Court

No matter what form of addiction you struggle with, our team of medical professionals can help at Cassiobury Court. Whether you are searching for Scotland rehab treatment or a centre further away, private rehab offers the most intensive and safe form of a recovery programme.

Find out more about our available addiction treatment programmes below:


Alcohol Rehab Treatment

Alcohol rehab programmes involve an alcohol detox followed by a variety of leading addiction therapies to help residents overcome alcoholism. An alcohol use disorder can cause a number of withdrawal symptoms which are monitored by medical professionals and recovery support workers in our rehab centre.

Overcoming alcohol abuse alone can be extremely challenging, which is why private alcohol rehab is the best form of treatment to help recover.

Learn more about our alcohol rehab programme here.


Cocaine Rehab Treatment

At Cassiobury Court, we offer cocaine rehab treatment for people suffering from cocaine abuse. Although cocaine is not a physically addictive drug, it causes strong psychological cravings which makes it extremely difficult to overcome with professional support.

The rehab process for cocaine consists of a cocaine withdrawal, followed by leading therapy treatment which helps to address the psychological addiction to cocaine. Prescription medications may be prescribed to help manage withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia or nausea and can help you to complete withdrawal successfully.

Learn more about our cocaine rehab programme here.


Cannabis Rehab Treatment

Treatment for cannabis addiction involves a cannabis withdrawal period, followed by a range of treatment therapies and aftercare. Cannabis addiction commonly causes mental health problems such as anxiety, depression or in severe cases, psychosis, which is why a dual diagnosis programme may be provided to help you recover from both.

Smoking cannabis daily can have a negative impact on your well-being and health, which is why rehab treatment is recommended if you struggle with your daily life.

Learn more about our cannabis rehab programme here.


Prescription Drug Rehab Treatment

Unfortunately, prescription drug addiction is a big problem in Scotland, as opioids such as Codeine, Hydrocodone, OxyContin, Fentanyl and Methadone are incredibly addictive if used for long periods or in large quantities. We offer a prescription drug rehab programme for people who suffer from opioid addiction and provide a range of treatments and therapies to help.

The withdrawal period from prescription drug addiction can be severe, so medical professionals will be on hand to help treat any uncomfortable symptoms during the drug detox period. Detox from prescription drugs typically takes 5-10 days, after which a number of therapies such as CBT, group therapy, holistic therapies and individual counselling will be provided.

Learn more about our prescription drug rehab programme here.


Heroin Rehab Treatment

Heroin addiction is a massive problem in Scotland, and more people than ever are suffering from heroin abuse. We can arrange suitable heroin rehab treatment in Scotland which involves a medically assisted detox programme followed by addiction treatments and specialist aftercare.

Find out more about what to expect during heroin rehab programmes here.


What Happens in Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Private alcohol and drug rehab in Scotland consists of three phases: detox, therapies and aftercare. All these treatments are designed to help treat the root cause of addiction and help residents achieve sobriety. The first thing to expect at private rehab is a pre-admission assessment where your body is monitored, and prescription medications are ordered for treatment during your stay.

You are able to use your phone and electronic devices in private areas and can relax with other residents during free time between therapy sessions. There is often entertainment or time to decompress during the evenings in rehab, and you are supported throughout the entire process.

Aftercare is then provided for 1 year after your treatment programme has been completed, meaning you can remain sober in Scotland once you have left our facility.

Learn more about the rehab process below:


The Drug and Alcohol Detox Process

The first step towards long-term recovery is drug or alcohol detox. This involves a withdrawal from any addictive substances in your system which is monitored by medical professionals in private rehab.

The detox process takes place in the detox wing of rehab and typically lasts for 5-10 days. During this period, you will be monitored closely by recovery workers and doctors to ensure your detox is safe and your body is managing the process well.

Prescription medication such as Chlordiazepoxide, Clonazepam, or Buprenorphine may be prescribed to help you manage insomnia or other withdrawal symptoms, which makes the process much more manageable as residents.

Find out more about the alcohol and drug detox here.


Can I Do a Home Detox?

Although a home detox can be successful for some people, attempting to recover from your alcohol or drug addiction at home alone can be extremely difficult, resulting in further substance abuse and can be physically unsafe.

Drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous and include symptoms such as nausea, sweating, depression or anxiety, headaches, insomnia, loss of appetite, delirium tremens and seizures in severe cases.

By attempting home detox alone, there is also a higher risk of relapse which can be very discouraging if you are attempting to go cold turkey. While some people can successfully complete a home detox, it is not the recommended option due to the above reasons.


Leading Addiction Treatments in Private Rehab

Through our specialist rehab centre, you will be recommended a range of addiction treatments which considers your recovery goals and needs. You will be provided with an effective and bespoke treatment programme.

Within your drug or alcohol rehab programme, you will complete a variety of therapy sessions such as cognitive behavioural therapy to help treat the mental element of addiction. The types of addiction treatment you will receive depend on the characteristics of your substance abuse.

Some of the common addiction therapies we offer include:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT is a leading mental health and addiction treatment that helps people who suffer from substance addiction understand themselves and their drug or alcohol use better. CBT is commonly used to help those who struggle to understand their trauma or discuss their emotions relax in a safe space.

Group Therapy

Group therapy sessions are a key component of residential rehab treatment. Group therapy takes place daily in rehab and helps residents feel understood as they have a place to share their experiences and recover together.

Individual Therapy

Psychological therapy is beneficial as part of the recovery process from alcohol or drug abuse. By speaking one on one to a counsellor, residents are able to process their past traumas relating to substance abuse and get advice about any fears, concerns or worries they have during their recovery.


Rehab Aftercare Sessions

Once you have completed your stay in rehab, you’ll also experience leading addiction treatments on a post-rehab basis. Via aftercare services, you will be able to access continued support from our drug and alcohol rehab in Scotland.

Every resident who completes a 28-day rehab programme with us receives one year of free aftercare to continue recovery and benefit from specialist guidance.


What is the Admissions Process to Private Rehab in Scotland?

Our admissions process is quick and easy so you or a loved one can start treatment with us as soon as possible. The first step is to phone 0800 001 4070 or fill out our contact form, where you will reach a member of our admissions team.

You will be able to discuss your substance addiction, your location, age, addiction history and whether you have any additional needs, which means you will be provided with the best programme for your recovery needs.

Once you have decided on a drug and alcohol rehab in Scotland, you will be asked to make a deposit to secure your room and offered an admission date. You will typically be able to enter rehab within 1-2 days of contacting our rehab, so you can begin your recovery as soon as possible.

Find out more about our admissions process here.


Selecting Between Outpatient and Residential Addiction Treatment

When selecting an appropriate rehab centre for you or a loved one to recover from, choosing between outpatient and residential addiction treatment is also an important decision to make.

The best way to choose between both rehab programmes is to consider your personal relationship with drugs and alcohol. If you’re suffering from a mild addiction to drugs and alcohol, outpatient rehab may be recommended. However, if you’re living with severe physical and psychological side effects from alcohol and drug abuse, residential rehab will be encouraged.

Through our specialist facility which is designed with recovery in mind, you can complete a residential rehab programme which is structured around your needs and provides a high level of care and guidance.

Before starting drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Scotland, it is important to understand the processes you’re going through and whether outpatient or inpatient treatment is the best fit for you.


The Benefits of Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Scotland

If you don’t think that outpatient rehab is the best choice for you, consider a private drug and alcohol rehab in Scotland.

The greatest benefit of residential treatment is the privacy you will experience. You can reside in a comforting and private drug and alcohol treatment centre while progressing through your rehab programme. Combined with the time and concentration to truly work on yourself, you will benefit from an escape from your potentially triggering environment.

Residential rehab also achieves the most successful recovery rates. Due to this level of distance, your recovery rates, your susceptibility to treatment, and your desire to recover will all increase, motivating a greater chance of long-term recovery.

Lastly, looking beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in Scotland will provide access to our leading rehabilitation facility. Although a free treatment service via the NHS or an outpatient programme through a local treatment centre may sound desirable, your recovery rates will likely fall short.

By investing in a specialist facility and embracing the value of private rehab, physical and psychological recovery can be achieved, maintained, and prolonged for the future.

As a short relocation to a rehab centre may feel daunting or unfamiliar, we invite you to contact our team for more information and reassurance. By keeping an open mind and considering all your recovery options, you’ll have the chance to experience leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation processes.


Free Drug & Alcohol Support in Scotland

There are many free support options for drug and alcohol addiction in Scotland. Here are some helpful options;

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Scotland

St John’s Church, Union Road

Time: 20:00 – 21:30 duration 1hr 30mins
Postcode: EH49 7DY


Narcotics Anonymous Meetings in Scotland

Maryhill Community Central Hall, 292-396 Maryhill Road, Glasgow

Time: 11:00 – 12:00 duration 1hr
Postcode: G20 7YE



Choose Cassiobury Court for Addiction and Mental Health Recovery

At Cassiobury Court, we are addiction and mental health recovery specialists who can help people suffering from addiction. We support those in need by providing a personalised, structured, and high-quality drug and alcohol rehab programme in a safe and comfortable environment.

Cassiobury Court has years of experience and understands exactly what is needed to help residents rehabilitate, improve well-being and work towards long-term recovery. Our medical professionals appreciate the emotions, concerns, and denial that you may currently be experiencing regarding your substance abuse.

To remove yourself from the potential risks and long-term complications of drug or alcohol abuse, consider reaching out for addiction help at our residential rehab. Through our addiction treatments and ongoing rehab aftercare, we can help you progress towards sober living.

Working with specialists will improve your recovery experience, advance your long-term recovery rates, and ensure that you can benefit from private rehab. Access our guidance and transform your life at our drug and alcohol rehab in Scotland.



Family Referrals and Support

When you have a family member who suffers from drug or alcohol addiction, it can be hard to cope with. We offer a family referral service to help support family members or people who know a loved one suffering from substance abuse.

Although it is not possible to force a person to attend residential rehab, we can provide advice and support to help you stage an intervention. Family interventions can help a person suffering from drug or alcohol addiction realise the severity of their substance abuse and the importance of attempting recovery.

If you would like to find out more about our intervention service or want to learn more about our recovery centre, get in touch for advice and guidance.


Seek Rehab Treatment to Start Your Recovery

If you are ready to start your recovery journey, it is important to reach out for professional support. Whether you decide to choose outpatient rehab in Scotland or inpatient rehab, making an initial enquiry is the first step towards your long term recovery.

At Cassiobury Court, we can help you overcome your drug or alcohol use disorder with the help of medical professionals and leading addiction treatments. Whether you want a short or long rehab programme, our admissions team can work with you to help you find the best treatment centre and programme for your needs.

Fill out our contact form or call our team on 0800 001 4070 for help or guidance about your options for drug and alcohol rehab in Scotland.


Rehab in Scotland FAQs

Rehab programmes range in length depending on your personal needs and whether you require more intensive treatment. Our treatment programmes at Cassiobury Court range from a 7 day detox-only programme, to 28 day programmes or longer. Our most recommended length of rehab treatment is our 28 day rehab programme which involves both detox and therapy treatments. Once the rehab programme has been completed, residents who successfully complete a 28-day rehab programme receive one year of free aftercare once they return home from rehab in Scotland. Every individual has different needs when treating addiction, which is why we offer a variety of treatment programmes which last for different lengths of time.

We offer a number of payment options for treatment, from cash payments, debit/credit card payments, bank transfers and private health insurance. After paying the initial deposit which secures your room in our centre, you will then pay the remainder for the treatments, accommodation and prescription medications. Some private health insurance policies cover complete or the partial cost of residential rehab, so if this is something that you have it is worth checking your policy.

Costs of rehab depends on the length of your drug or alcohol rehab treatment, any additional requirements or prescription medications you need, and the rehab centre you attend as costs vary. For a 28-day rehab programme, you can expect to pay £14,000+, and cheaper options are available for shorter stays. 7 day detox-only programmes are roughly £5,000+, so it is important to consider all of your options when deciding on a drug and alcohol rehab in Scotland. The cost of private rehab includes catering, therapies, prescription medications, detox treatment, and aftercare, which are incredibly important to achieve successful recovery. Rehab prices are subject to change.

Private rehab in Scotland is the best treatment option and achieves the highest first-time success rates. Although relapse can unfortunately happen to anyone after residential rehab, by attending this form of treatment with the help of medical professionals, you have the best chance of achieving long term recovery. The mixture of detox and addiction therapy treatments provided in private rehab is the best way to recover from substance abuse, which is why it is the most recommended treatment option.

The two main rehab options in Scotland are residential rehab facilities and outpatient services. Outpatient rehab in Scotland is a good choice if your addiction is not very severe or you are unable to afford the cost of private rehab, and meetings are held across Scotland by Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous.

Our rehab facility is secure and safe for residents who stay at our centre. We have a number of specialist medical professionals and addiction recovery workers on hand at all times to ensure the safety and wellbeing of residents undergoing treatments, and the centre itself is secure. Any external daily walks taken outside of our rehab in Scotland are accompanied by a recovery worker from the centre, and our bedrooms are comfortable and safe for clients. Throughout the detox process, residents are monitored to ensure they are healthy and withdrawal symptoms are regulated with prescription medications administered by our medical professionals. If you have any queries about our drug or alcohol rehab, phone on 0800 001 4070.

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