We have treatment centres for drug and alcohol rehab in Peebles

Unfortunately, many people in the UK still view drug and alcohol addiction with a stigma around it.This is generally because they don’t fully understand the severe effects which come with substance abuse.

Drug and alcohol addiction are prevalent throughout the whole of the UK which has resulted in an increased demand for addiction treatment.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In Peebles

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Peebles

As free local health services like the NHS are struggling to meet this demand, more people are realising the advantages of private drug and alcohol rehabs like ours in Peebles.

Unlike being added to a long waiting list with local health services, our drug and alcohol rehab in Peebles has the added benefit of immediate admission, meaning you can start your residential addiction treatment as soon as 48 hours after your initial enquiry.

You’ll also benefit from a completely bespoke treatment programme which you can’t get anywhere else. We take the time to get to know you and understand the nature of your drug and alcohol abuse; this insight helps us to design the most effective treatment programme specifically for you.

With a great success rate of recoveries, we’re confident that we can help you to achieve your long-term recovery goals.


What impact does drug and alcohol abuse have on your life?

Addiction to alcohol or drugs is an exhausting disease which takes over your entire life. The side effects which come with substance abuse can be devastating.

Drug and alcohol abuse can completely change you as a person, as it takes control of your physical and psychological health impacting every aspect of your lifestyle. Whilst it may feel impossible to get back to your old self, we’re here to help you achieve this.

One of the more noticeable impacts that drug and alcohol addiction has is on your physical well-being. You’re likely to appear dishevelled and pale with blotchy skin and bloodshot eyes as your physical health deteriorates.

It’s also quite common to see fluctuations in your weight. Over prolonged periods of drug and alcohol abuse, your internal organs will struggle to cope with the toxins which could lead to unhealthy weight loss.

Of course, addiction doesn’t only affect your physical health. It has a huge impact on your psychological well-being as the toxins from drug and alcohol abuse alter the make-up of your brain making it difficult to make logical decisions.

You’ll likely lose all interest in activities you previously enjoyed, you’ll avoid any social interaction and develop severe mood swings. Excessive substance abuse can cause bipolarity, anxiety, depression, and put you at much higher risk of suicide.

Don’t let this terrible disease ruin your life, contact our drug and alcohol rehab in Peebles today for support before it’s too late.

When you’re suffering from drug and alcohol abuse, you’re not the only one who is suffering. It’s a common belief amongst substance abusers that they’re only hurting themselves, whereas they’re actually affecting everyone around them.

Your addiction will put a significant strain on your loved one’s well-being as well as your own. In our experience, we’ve seen families torn apart by the devastating affects of drug and alcohol abuse.

From mood swings in the home to financial difficulties, everyone is impacted by these awful effects. If improving your own well-being isn’t enough motivation to seek help, then hopefully alleviating your loved ones of this destruction will encourage you to recover.


How can we help you achieve your long-term recovery?

Our aim is to help as many people as possible achieve their long-term recovery goals. We do this by providing an expert, yet compassionate approach to all of our clients.

Everyone will receive a tailored residential addiction treatment to follow whilst staying in our luxurious accommodation with your own private room.

The highest rate of successful recoveries is found within residential private drug and alcohol rehabs, as opposed to the low recovery rates found with outpatient services.

Your greatest chance of succeeding in your recovery is to physically remove yourself from your comfort zone of home.

This familiar environment is full of distractions and possible temptations which could lead you into relapsing, whereas by staying at our drug and alcohol rehab in Peebles, you’re only left with one thing to focus on, your long-term recovery.

You’ll benefit from the constant supervision of our expert team of recovery workers as they deliver industry leading addiction therapies. We take care of your housekeeping, laundry, and ensure you enjoy delicious, home-cooked meals each day.


What therapies do we include in our residential addiction treatment?

Whilst everyone will receive a personalised treatment programme, we do have a range of therapies which we regularly include for most clients. All of our treatment programmes feature a combination of psychological and well-being therapies, in addition to a drug and alcohol detoxification.

Our dedicated team effectively deliver stress management, cognitive behavioural therapy, drug and alcohol relapse prevention, and counselling.

To complement these psychological therapies, we also include sessions which focus on your well-being, these are relaxation and sleep management, fitness therapy, mindfulness, yoga, low level laser therapy, art therapy, Satori chair therapy, acu-detox and acu-puncture.

This holistic approach to your residential addiction treatment provides you the best opportunity to achieve a successful recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. Whilst it’s a challenging task, our rehab programmes are invaluable to your long-term recovery.


Now is the time to make a change

When you’ve completed your residential addiction treatment which normally lasts around 28 days, you will automatically be enrolled onto our 12-month drug and alcohol aftercare programme which is completely free.

Our dedicated aftercare team will be there to offer additional support during your transition back home. They can arrange ongoing drug and alcohol relapse prevention sessions and any other therapies which you might find beneficial.

If you’re struggling to overcome your drug and alcohol abuse, we strongly advise that you get in touch with us. Once you’re prepared to commit to a happier, healthier life free from addiction, we can help you achieve your long-term recovery goals.

Contact us today on 01923 369 161 or email at info@cassioburycourt.com.

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