We have treatment centres for drug and alcohol rehab in Dumfries

Have you been living with an addiction to alcohol or drugs for some time now? The effects that drug and alcohol have on your physical and psychological health can be devastating.

We offer alcohol and drug rehabilitation services for people living in Dumfries and throughout Scotland, from Glasgow and Edinburgh, up to Inverness, in the Highlands. If you live in Scotland and are seeking help for your addiction, get in touch with us today.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In Dumfries

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We offer residential treatment that is close to the Dumfries area.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Dumfries

Substance abuse increases the risk of developing liver disease, heart disease, diabetes, depression, anxiety, and even raises the risk of suicide; it truly is an unbearable disease which requires urgent medical attention.

Alternatively, you could be in the early stages of your substance abuse where you’re relying upon drugs and alcohol for their highs. Without immediate admission into a private drug and alcohol rehab, this will quickly turn into a debilitating addiction.

Drug and alcohol abuse, even at a recreational level, can easily develop into psychological dependence, ultimately damaging your entire lifestyle and well-being. Don’t let alcohol and drugs control your life, contact our team today at our drug and alcohol rehab in Dumfries; we can get you started on your journey to recovery.

Contact us today on 01923 369 161 or email at info@cassioburycourt.com.


Why is it important to receive residential addiction treatment?

The more time you spend fuelling your addiction to alcohol and drugs, the more harm you’ll be causing to your own physical and psychological health.

Now is the time to act and seek professional support from a drug and alcohol rehabilitation, otherwise you could be left with irreversible, life-changing damage.

It’s extremely difficult to overcome an addiction to alcohol or drugs without the support of a private drug and alcohol rehab. Addiction is a deep-rooted psychological illness which requires the expertise of specialist recovery workers to achieve a long-term recovery.

Any attempts to overcome drug and alcohol abuse at home alone, are likely to be ineffective and will leave you feeling disheartened to try again. It’s not possible to beat addiction by removing the physical effects alone.

Even if you were to succeed in a drug and alcohol detoxification, it’s still essential that you address your psychological connection to addiction.

If your relationships with friends and family are suffering as a result of your drug and alcohol addiction, then you must rectify this by asking for help. Your performance at work is likely to take a hit as you struggle to concentrate at the task at hand, you could even end up losing your job.

Your finances will quickly be diminishing to fuel your drug and alcohol abuse, putting you in a vicious circle which could potentially lead to illegal activity. This isn’t who you are, this isn’t what you want your life to be like. Act today and create a positive future for yourself and for your loved ones.


Finding the right drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre for you

If you’re searching for rehab places for drug and alcohol, then you’ve already taken the first step in accepting that you need professional support. This can be a challenge in itself as it’s quite common for those suffering from an addiction to be in denial about their condition. It’s natural to downplay the negative effects to be perceived as though you’re doing fine.

During your search for a rehab for drug and alcohol abuse, you’ll likely be overwhelmed by a wide variety of treatment options. There are outpatient facilities where you can receive your addiction treatment then return back home each night.

Outpatient treatment normally takes a lot longer than residential addiction treatment as you might only visit the clinic once a week, delaying your recovery. We’d also advise against outpatient treatment if you’re really suffering with the effects of addiction.

If you have a more mild case then this method might work for you, but in most cases, people who need to overcome their battle with addiction, need to be removed from their familiar environment of home to make a significant difference.

There’s too many distractions and temptations at home making it very difficult to focus on your long-term recovery and making it easier to relapse without the 24/7 supervision of an expert team like at our drug and alcohol rehab in Dumfries.

In order to fully overcome your drug addiction or alcohol addiction, you need greater care and a more structured, personalised treatment programme to follow than what an outpatient service can offer you; this is exactly what we provide at our treatment centre.

We ensure that each of our clients receive a bespoke treatment programme which has been tailored to suit their unique needs; this method has long been proven to increase recovery probabilities.

Together with our exceptional team of addiction specialists and our state-of-the-art rehabilitation facilities, we’re confident that we can help you to achieve your long-term recovery goals.

We’ve helped countless people overcome their drug and alcohol abuse; you could be next.

What is our private drug and alcohol rehab in Dumfries like?

Positivity is very important at our drug and alcohol rehab. We ensure that all of our clients feel welcomed into our treatment centre and receive all the home comforts they could wish for to help them feel as relaxed as possible.

Each client can enjoy the privacy of their own room, home-cooked, delicious meals, and all of their housekeeping and laundry taken care of. We do all of this to ensure you’re only left with one thing to focus on, your long-term recovery.

Within your residential addiction treatment, we’ll include a variety of psychological and well-being focused therapies; this provides you with a holistic approach to your treatment, known to be highly effective.

Our expert team are experienced in delivering stress management, drug and alcohol relapse prevention, drug and alcohol detoxification, cognitive behavioural therapy, psychotherapy, psychoeducation, counselling, mindfulness, relaxation and sleep management, yoga, low level laser therapy, art therapy, fitness therapy, and nutritional therapy.

Whilst some of these may sound unusual, we can you assure you that they’re all evidence-based therapies with a fantastic success rate.

Are you ready to start your recovery journey? Contact us today on 01923 369 161 or email at info@cassioburycourt.com.

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