Heroin Detox

Before heroin detox can begin, it is important to understand the effects and risks associated with the drug.


Heroin is an extract of the opium poppy. It is usually sold as a white or brown powder and can be smoked or dissolved in water to be injected. It gives its users a feeling or warmth and relaxation and is often seen as a chill-out drug. As with all opiates, it is a strong pain-killer and is often used to help people cope with pain or trauma. The effects can last for a number of hours depending on the dosage.


There are many risks associated with taking cocaine. These can include:

  • Addiction – Heroin is highly addictive and users can become quickly dependent. The body can develop a tolerance to the drug, meaning that users require larger doses to obtain the same effect. However, addicts end up using the drug just to feel normal.
  • Overdose – The effects of the drug can lead to coma and respiratory failure, resulting in death. The risk is greatly increased if a user quits and then relapses.
  • Choking – Heroin use can result in vomiting. Combined with the effect of drowsiness, users can end up choking.
  • Blood vessels – injecting into your veins can cause major damage, leading to the collapse of the blood vessel. Injecting can also lead to infections.
  • Impurities – heroin is often cut with other substances to make it cheaper for dealers to sell. These may then end up being injected into the user’s blood stream and can have disastrous consequences.
  • Sharing needles –Often seen as a way to save money, this can spread infection and can result in users developing hepatitis C and even HIV.

How we can help

We have a range of drug rehab treatments to help with your heroin addiction, including detox, counselling and holistic therapies. For more information call us on 0800 500 3129.

Our Opiate treatment programme is uniquely designed to help clients develop ways of controlling their drug use to help achieve total abstinence. Choosing our treatment programme will mean you will need a drug detox programme. The heroin detox programme aims to eradicate the drugs from the system using support of a clinical prescribing regime. This will help you safely detox from heroin and help cope with the detox withdrawal effects. We also offer Naltrexone Implant Heroin Treatment.