Therapeutic Art Sessions | Rehab

As part of the recovery programme at Cassiobury, clients attend Therapeutic Art sessions twice a week.

These sessions are a great way for clients to express themselves, explore their emotions, manage their recovery and improve their self-esteem. Coupled with all the other treatments offered, the creative process of making art helps to improve the client’s physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Initially, new clients assume that these Therapeutic sessions are drawing classes and you need to be ‘good’ at art – You do NOT need to be able to draw!


Here are some testimonials from some ex-clients:

‘Realising that you don’t have to be able to draw, just being able to express feelings and emotions through art and colours.’ Karen
I have kept all of the paperwork and will refer to it when I leave. I believe this will help me in my recovery.Paul
‘I never previously believed in Art Therapy, but it was excellent. Excellent facilitator, very kind, caring, positive and empathetic. Nikki
‘I loved the way the sessions each had a purpose and with each task we were asked to complete you learnt something about yourself or were able to identify something about yourself through someone else’s work. They helped me to identify blocks, realise areas I need to work on and helped me by working on my low self-esteem.Jane

Empathy and compassion play a crucial part within the Therapeutic Art sessions as clients are guided through the work and into the underlying messages that are communicated through the art.

Through various activities, clients are gently encouraged to express and understand emotions, where they gain a deeper and healthier sense of their true selves.


About the facilitator

Raffat is an artist, college lecturer and facilitates different types of art projects: stress relief for teaching staff; domestic violence and self-esteem; releasing creativity, and exploring addictions

She is also studying at the Institute of Arts in Therapy and Education (IATE), completing the Post Graduate Diploma in Integrative Therapeutic Arts and next embarking on the MA Degree in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy.

She is very experienced working at Cassiobury for many years and committed to helping clients in their recovery.