British Ex-pat Rehabilitation Services

Many Brits emigrate from the UK each year in order to carry on their livelihoods or leisure activities in foreign lands. Unfortunately many discover life abroad is often as stressful as life here in Britain. Working hours may be long and the idealistic vision of what life would be like to live abroad may not be what it is like in reality.

Why ex-pats can turn to addiction

Many British expats now living abroad discover life isn’t too dissimilar to living in the UK after all. Furthermore, if you are an ex-pat your family may not have followed you to your new home. This situation is typical for those living abroad on contracts of a fixed or uncertain duration and so the logistics of uprooting the entire family just didn’t make sense. If you’re in this category then your loneliness may have driven you to turn to drug or alcohol addiction.

Seeking help for your addiction in a foreign country can prove extremely difficult for many different reasons. The language barrier may make it difficult to seek help or perhaps the fear of losing your job may prohibit you from seeking help. If you’re based in the Middle East then alcohol consumption may be outlawed and so you could fear seeking help out to fears of being deemed a criminal.

This is a similar fate which faces many people suffering from an addiction to illegal drug in the UK to this very day. Since alcohol is outlawed in many Middle Eastern countries the common support networks such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous which we take for granted in the West simply do not exist.

Furthermore in many parts of Asia alcoholism simply isn’t considered a disease in the same sense it is in the West, and where rehabilitation services are available it is unlikely they will be provided for in English. This makes seeking help problematic for ex-pats who are based in Asia.

Don’t suffer in silence

For all of the above reasons your decision to return to the UK in order to receive professional rehabilitation services seems like the correct decision to make. The staff here at Cassiobury Court have provided much-needed help for thousands of British ex-pats seeking rehabilitation services and we will proudly continue to help ex-pats for many years to come.

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