Facts About Drugs

When it comes to drugs and alcohol, there are many opinions out there that conflict with each other.

A lot of what people think they know about alcohol and drugs comes from their peers or those with an ulterior motive. A lot of this information is either incorrect or simply ignores many of the properties that make the substance harmful to health. This section of our website ignores opinions and simply focuses on the facts. Knowing the facts about drugs and alcohol will allow you to make up your own mind and make a decision based your own conclusions. We have provided information about drugs in the following pages that are written in plain English and are easy to understand:

Drug Classifications

Legal Highs

Drug Laws

Types of Drugs

Whilst we believe that abstinence is the key to a more fulfilling life, we also believe that honesty is the best policy to adopt when it comes to education. Therefore, we have tried to be balanced and impartial in this section of the website. It is not intended to create scare stories or to pass judgement, but to educate about the hard facts when it comes to drug use.
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