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Drug & Alcohol Treatment England
Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In England

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab England

People from England can suffer from a range of addictions and mental health problems that often lead to people needing to be admitted for rehabilitation within a residential treatment centre.

Where ever you are based within England our drug and alcohol rehab centre is accessible to you via a range of routes. The treatment we offer is varied and is tailored to the specific needs of the person being admitted.


Here are the areas in England which we serve

Here is a list of areas of England we service:


Routes to drug and alcohol rehab England

Rehabilitation is available to help you conquer a range of addictions or mental health problems such as drug and alcohol addiction.

We offer admissions for people whether being referred from a private health practitioner or an NHS GP. The rehab you will experience will endeavour to help you overcome any problem you may have.


alcohol rehab England


Our admissions process for drug and alcohol rehab England

Drug admissions and alcohol admissions are dealt with by our trained staff that will create a bespoke care package to help you address the issues caused by and surrounding the addiction.

We appreciate that mental health problems often precede or accompany addictions. Drug and alcohol addiction can be successfully treated at our treatment centres by way of rehabilitation delivered by our specialised and experienced staff. Bespoke treatment is offered to ensure you are given the best possible chance of recovery.
Our residential treatment centres are available for people across England to access Alcohol Rehab England. Regardless of where you to live in the country, our treatment centres are accessible to you.

Being referred for alcohol admissions or drug admissions often requires a stay of 4 – 6 weeks at one of our residential treatment centres. We believe this form of admission gives you the best chance possible of being successful on the road to recovery. This way you are removed from any temptations or people who have contributed to the development of your addiction or mental health problems.


Cocaine Rehab

Embarking on a journey towards cocaine rehab marks a significant turning point in your recovery journey.

Your journey begins with a personalised approach, determined by our pre-admission assessment; this is where we will find out more about you, your addiction and the advancement level of such. If necessary, you’ll go through a closely monitored detox phase to ensure the safe management of withdrawal symptoms, however, this isn’t always necessary for behavioural addictions like cocaine.

The main focus includes therapy – especially cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), which will aid in recognising triggers and developing effective coping mechanisms. Additionally, you’ll gain insights into the long-term repercussions of cocaine use. Post-rehab, continued support through aftercare programs becomes instrumental in sustaining your commitment to sobriety.


Cannabis Rehab

Opting for cannabis rehab demonstrates a proactive stance in reclaiming control.

Upon admission, a tailored treatment plan is created to suit your specific needs. While withdrawal symptoms from cannabis are typically manageable, expect some fluctuations in mood and disturbances in sleep patterns during the detox phase.

Integral to the rehab process are therapy sessions, such as cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), group therapy and more. You’ll also receive comprehensive education on the potential long-term consequences of persistent cannabis use so you’re more aware of the dangers of consistent use.

After rehab, participating in post-rehab aftercare programs, like support groups and individual counselling, serves as an essential pillar in fortifying your defence against future relapse.


Prescription Drug Rehab

Addressing prescription drug addiction through rehab is a crucial step towards recovery. We understand that prescription drugs are often essential to handling particular conditions; that being said, the danger of them becoming addictive is no less than any other drug.

The program initiation involves a comprehensive assessment to tailor a suitable treatment plan, which may include a closely monitored detoxification process. Therapeutic interventions are a key part of the psychological facets of addiction, all the while you’ll receive education on the risks associated with misusing prescription drugs, as well as any underlying mental health issues contributing to your addiction.

Not to mention that in order to sustain long-term recovery, you’re expected to actively participate in aftercare programs, such as support groups and individual counselling.


Alcohol Rehab

Seeking assistance from an alcohol rehab facility signifies a proactive effort to overcome alcohol addiction.

The process commences with an in-depth evaluation, guiding the creation of a personalised treatment strategy. Depending on the severity of withdrawal symptoms, a supervised detoxification process might be necessary. Therapies, like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) are central to the rehabilitation process.

Alongside understanding the consequences of alcohol misuse, post-rehab support through aftercare programs, such as support groups and individual counselling, is crucial in maintaining a sober lifestyle and preventing relapses. While the journey might pose challenges, with unwavering support, liberation from alcohol dependency is attainable.


Aftercare and relapse prevention after drug and alcohol rehab in England

Once you have successfully completed the treatment delivered to you by our trained specialists, we help encourage you to continue on the road to recovery through aftercare. In addition to your stay at the residential treatment centre we also strongly encourage people to become involved in non-profit organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous or another support group that can help them continue their rehab once back in the community. This way, you can do your best to ensure you do not slip back into the negative ways that may have led you to develop a problem.


drug rehab England


Alcoholics & Narcotics Anonymous Meetings in England

Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are free group therapy sessions that follow the 12-step model and operate internationally for those suffering from addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Below, you can see some of these in-person meetings central to England.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Charing Cross As Bill Sees It

When: Thursdays, 15:00

Where: Friends Meeting House, 8 Hop Gardens, St Martins Lane

Soho Newcomers

When: Mondays, 17:00

Where: Upstairs Room, St Annes Church, 55 Dean St

Victoria Big Book Step & Tradition

When: Mondays, 18:30

Where: The Abbey Centre, 34 Great Smith St

Narcotics Anonymous

One Hour Step Meeting

When: Sundays, 11am

Where: 300 Old Brompton Road, Earl’s Court, Greater London, SW5 9JF

Euston We Have a Problem

When: Sundays, 11 am

Where: St Pancreas Church Hall, Lancing Street, London, Greater London, NW1 1NA

Kilburn – Alternate Step and Just For Today Meeting
When: Sundays, 11:30

Where: Ground floor, Latin America House, 10 Kingsgate Place, Kilburn, Greater London, NW6 4TA


Pros and Cons of Private Rehab

  • in-patient facilities available all over England
  • High recovery rates
  • Remote aftercare support
  • Luxury facilities
  • Residential rehab can be pricey
  • You may need to travel to a facility
  • Time spent away from friends and family
  • You may need to stay longer than 1 month

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