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Drug and Alcohol Rehab South East England

Cassiobury Court is a drug and alcohol rehab and detox clinic located in the South East of England. Our primary residential rehab unit is based in Watford, Hertfordshire. Here we offer personalised Drug and Alcohol Rehab South East England services for clients suffering from all manner of behavioural addictions, substance misuse and mental health ailments.

Each programme on offer aims to treat deep rooted psychological trauma that is often the cause of addiction or mental health problems. The vast majority of clients we assist pay for their treatment privately.

We offer a twenty-one-bed rehab centre located on a luxurious Herefordshire estate. Cassiobury Court’s Drug and Alcohol Rehab South East England centre lends itself well to the holistic side of addiction and mental health treatment. If you wish to view the centre please book onto a visitors day by calling today free on 01923 369 161.


Areas we cover in the South East of England

Below we list some of the areas in the South East of England where we currently serve:

Focusing on your long-term recovery goals

Our central objective is to help out clients enter long-term recovery after leaving our Drug and Alcohol Rehab South East England clinic. Long-term recovery demands much work on behalf of our expert medical staff. When you attend our rehab unit you must be willing to take part in therapy and counselling sessions. Often physical detox is the simplest component of a well-thought out rehabilitation package. The hard work begins during therapy since our trained counsellors and therapist must defuse mental trauma that allows your addiction or mental health problem to flourish. Our therapists and counsellors treat the mental aspect of addiction through the strategic use of cognitive behavioural therapy, psychotherapy and holistic therapies. Patients are also given ‘relapse prevention tips’ aimed to defeat cravings for drugs, alcohol or cravings to engage in certain behaviours such as gambling, gaming or sex.


Highly qualified staff

All staff we employ are highly qualified. Many of our therapist and counsellors hold Master’s degrees in the field of psychology and psychotherapy. We also employ psychiatric nurses and a consultant psychiatrist. The latter is able to prescribe medications such as Librium or Subutex that ease withdrawal symptoms for clients addicted to drugs and alcohol. Medically assisted detoxes are carried out under highly controlled conditions. For instance, clients receive 24/7 medical attention during this testing time of rehabilitation. Following detox, clients typically enjoy much more freedom to roam our extensive grounds and breathe in lots of fresh air and eat lots of natural and healthy foods prepared by our in-house kitchen team.


Call today for a fresh start!

By the time your rehabilitation programme draws to a conclusion, you will be mentally and physically recharged to rejoin your family and friends in your normal living environment. In around ten to twenty-eight days, you will have finally broken the cycle of drug or alcohol addiction once and for all. All of our rehabilitation programmes also offer a fantastic fifty-two weeks’ worth of aftercare absolutely free. I will say that again: ALL of our rehabilitation programmes also offer a fantastic fifty-two weeks’ worth of aftercare absolutely FREE! This applies whether you say at our rehabilitation centre for six weeks or just seven days. This commitment to aftercare is based on scientific evidence saying repetition is the mother of learning. By returning to our rehab centre week-in-week-out you ensure your recovery is long and lasting.
If you are a resident in the South East of England then call Cassiobury Court today on 01923 369 161. Alternatively, contact us through this website and an admissions advisor will reply to your message within the next few hours.

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