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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Aylesbury

Country-wide across the UK, many people face struggles with alcohol and drug addictions. An addiction can quickly spiral out of control and take over your life. These problems with drink and drugs are as common in Aylesbury as they are in other parts of the country. A drug or alcohol addiction takes away a lot of things from a person’s life, including the ones they love, their money, job and even home. An addict will do whatever is necessary to satisfy their cravings, and a severe addiction can cause a lack of judgement. The safest way to get back on track with a normal life if you have an addiction is by attending a rehab centre that can help you to detox from the substances you are addicted to in a safe and comforting environment. In a rehab facility you will be surrounded by those who understand the process of addiction, who can offer support and advice at each step of the way.


Should I consider rehab?

For many people, drinking alcohol is a social activity, and many people can drink in moderation without their behaviour spiralling out of control. However, both drink and drugs are issues that are sadly having turbulent effects on the lives of many people living in the Aylesbury area. With illegal drug use rates steadily rising across the country, there are similarly many people in Aylesbury who are abusing drugs such as cocaine and heroin. Less than half of the people living in the Aylesbury area with a drug addiction end up looking for and attending treatment centres.

There are rehab facilities available in Aylesbury that are provided by the NHS and charities, but financially these resources are stretched, as government spending on drug rehabilitation has generally experienced major cuts over the last few years. This means that clinics are subject to waiting lists, with many addicts having to wait for months before they can have access to potentially life-saving treatments and therapy. Some people are also not aware that such services even exist, which can be a problem if rehab is required.

If you are living in Aylesbury and require alcohol or drug rehab, it may be worth investing in a private rehab programme such as that offered by Cassiobury Court, especially if your needs are urgent, as there are no waiting lists and you can begin treatment immediately. Cassiobury Court is a calming and comfortable rehab clinic that has helped more than 3000 people come to terms with and beat their drug and alcohol addictions for good. Established for more than 8 years, we create bespoke treatment packages depending on a person’s needs and addiction triggers, so they receive the best care possible that is tailored for them. Relax in your own private room with tranquil gardens and a park that’s just a stone’s throw away. Our helpful and empathetic staff are here for you 24/7 to guide you at every step of the way on the road to full health and a life without drugs and drink. Together, we can help you finally beat your cravings for good and leave your past addictions behind you.


What kind of rehab do I need?

If you are suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction, there are many options available to you if you live in Aylesbury. You can register for an out-patient programme that gives support at home with regular meetings, or an in-patient programme in which you receive care by living at a rehab clinic that provides accommodation. The kind of treatment you choose will depend on things like your income, work hours, childcare and general health.

Treatment programmes that are in-patient focused tend to be more successful as they give the addicts that are based there the sole focus of getting better and beating their addiction, without distractions from everyday life, and a huge support network of staff to keep motivation high. This is key to a long-term substance-free future.


What is rehab like?

At Cassiobury Court, we are proud of our understanding approach to our patients. Many of our staff have experienced addiction in some form themselves, and are keen to help others on the same journey to recovery. We can help you overcome addiction and tackle the triggers/causes so that you are addressing the root of the problem. We offer a year-long aftercare package after your time with us, so you always have support to hand. It is perfectly normal to feel nervous or scared, but you will be surrounded by people who will support you.

You will experience withdrawal symptoms if you undertake a detox programme, which is perfectly normal. Our staff are well trained in helping people to cope with the symptoms of withdrawal, and can administer medication if necessary to help you feel more comfortable. We also give you the tools you need to fight your cravings, including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Group Speech Therapy, Family Speech Therapy and 1-2-1 counselling. Alternative therapies can also be used such as meditation, massage, art therapy or yoga/exercise to focus your mind and help you stay determined in your will to succeed. These tools are things you can take with you when you leave the centre and make the transition to living a normal, sober life.


What support do I have after leaving rehab?

In Aylesbury there are many options for recovering addicts in terms of organisations they can turn to for support after some time in rehab, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Following your time with us at Cassiobury Court, you will also have a bespoke aftercare package that caters to your needs, so you can stay strong and on track going forward. We consider things like your job, home life, social situation and the substances you were addicted to when creating this programme for you. You will also be able to call us if you need extra support. If you are looking for drug or alcohol rehab services in Aylesbury, get in touch with us at Cassiobury Court on 01923 369 161 and we can talk about making that first important step towards a sober life.

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