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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Chesham

Have you been abusing drugs and alcohol for some time? Are you concerned that a physical dependency may be developing into a psychologically driven addiction?

In this occurrence, it’s firstly important to understand if an addiction is presenting itself. From here, it is vital that you reduce your drug and alcohol consumption. Yet, this should always be completed professionally, through either outpatient or residential treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab in Chesham.

Get in touch with our team today here at Cassiobury Court. We have helped many individuals overcome substance abuse, addiction and connected mental health issues, here in Chesham.


How to gauge whether a drug and alcohol addiction is developing?

While experiencing the ongoing cycle of substance abuse, it can be difficult to tell whether mere abuse is transforming into an addiction. Yet, there are some common signs which can help you gauge the severity of your consumption.

Substance abuse will usually only influence physical side effects and cravings. Yet, as an addiction begins to develop, psychological cravings and effects will start to show themselves. Here are a few questions to ask yourself, helping you pinpoint whether a drug and alcohol addiction could be developing subconsciously:

  • Have you recently developed any form of mental health issue, such as depression, anxiety or even a low mood?
  • Has your motivation to excel in life reduced since increasing your drug and alcohol abuse?
  • Are you using drugs and alcohol as a crutch?
  • Do you continuously think about your consumption, and when your next fix or drink will be?

If you’re leaning towards ‘yes’ for the above answers, it’s likely that a habit could be developing, where both your body and mind are relying on drugs and alcohol. In this instance, we do recommend that you consider your next steps, including addiction treatment.

Without considering rehabilitation, your drug and alcohol consumption will continue to worsen, known to also bring along significant, negative side effects. Reduce this potential reality by contacting out rehab facility today.


Completing treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab in Chesham

If you’re suffering with any form of unhealthy relationship with drugs and alcohol, addiction treatment will always be recommended. No matter how minimal or chronic your drug and alcohol addiction may be, a degree of support and treatment services will be accessible. This step will help you avoid a future of physical, psychological and general life damage.

For your best potential to recover, we highly recommend visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Chesham or the surrounding area. For your convenience, our specialist rehab centre is located within close proximity, making either outpatient or residential rehab an option.

Reach out to our team today to discuss how beneficial rehab will be for you. We can also help you gauge whether outpatient treatment will be enough, or whether a residential rehab programme will offer greater addiction recovery probabilities. All conversations are free and confidential, placing your best interests as a priority.


Outpatient vs residential treatment

When opting for rehab, there are two very popular options to select from; outpatient and residential rehab. Each have the potential to promote recovery, yet, the depth will depend on the client’s personal circumstances. For some, outpatient treatment will increase motivation. For others, a hand-held, structured treatment programme will be preferred.

Outpatient treatment is where clients can receive a number of treatment sessions, held at our rehab centre, while also maintaining general life. This is a sought-after treatment option for those who are experiencing minimal addictions or have little focused time to recover immediately.

Residential rehab is where inpatient treatment will be completed within our specialist drug and alcohol rehab. Yet, clients will also reside within our facility, experiencing a targeted approach to addiction recovery. Although this can also take some time, it offers an all-round rehab experience, improving recovery rates significantly. Residential treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab in Chesham will usually be recommended to individuals who are keen to rehabilitate for good, or those who are experiencing chronic addictive tendencies.

There’s no right or wrong treatment option, yet, it is important that suitability is present for each client; all depending on their addiction severity and end recovery goal.


What addiction treatments to expect here at Cassiobury Court

When investing into our private rehab facility, you will immediately have access to our range of leading addiction treatments. Yet, to increase your susceptibility to progression, we will provide you with a personalised treatment programme.

Within your personalised treatment programme, you will complete a range of our medical, psychological and social treatment options, helping you heal holistically. For some clients, not all treatment options will be required. Yet for others, a greater depth of each may be recommended to tackle deep psychological or physical connections to drugs and alcohol.

For most clients, a rehab experience will begin with a drug and alcohol detox plan. This is branded as one of the most challenging yet important addiction treatment to complete. A detox will kickstart your journey to addiction recovery, while preparing your body for a fresh start. In tandem, you will complete a range of our high quality, psychologically driven treatment options. These will usually include cognitive behavioural therapy, support groups, therapy sessions and relapse prevention classes.

This mixture of addiction treatments will provide you with all the tools you require to minimise relapses while returning home to Chesham. You’ll learn how to cope in a healthy way, without turning to drugs or alcohol. You’ll also gain an understanding of mental health issues and how to help yourself moving forward.


Start your journey to recovery, right on your doorstep

Start your journey to recovery through a drug and alcohol rehab in Chesham. Here at Cassiobury Court, we can help you slowly reduce your addiction to drugs and alcohol through either outpatient or residential treatment.

Experience our high quality and compassionate care, leading addiction treatments and recovery inspired facilities to kickstart your journey to sobriety. With our guidance, addiction recovery is possible.

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