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If you are based in High Wycombe, get in touch with our compassionate team today to discuss your experience with drug and alcohol consumption. From here, a greater understanding will be present, leading to a stronger recommendation.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab High Wycombe

Do I need support though a drug and alcohol rehab?

Drug and alcohol consumption are on the rise, especially in highly populated areas such as London. As the demand increases, more and more people are experiencing negative effects from an addiction, leading to the intervention of expert support.

Are you experiencing any negative effects linked to drug and alcohol consumption? If so, attending a specialised drug rehab centre would be recommended. Although it is difficult to provide a full recommendation without understanding your addiction history, if your consumption is damaging any area of your life, taking the first step through a rehabilitation programme should be priority.

If you are based in High Wycombe, get in touch with our compassionate team today to discuss your experience with drug and alcohol consumption. From here, a greater understanding will be present, leading to a stronger recommendation.

Here at Cassiobury Court rehab centre, we are passionate about helping those suffering with an addiction. We make it our mission to aid those in need with our bespoke addiction treatments, care and expert support. Seek support from a reputable, convenient rehab centre like ours before greater damage is caused to your physical and mental health. For your best possible chance of long-term recover, invest in yourself by reaching out for specialised support today. Our calls are free and confidential, keeping personal discretion a priority.


Receive support from our convenient rehab centre local to High Wycombe

Here at Cassiobury Court, we understand how difficult living with a drug and alcohol addiction can be. We understand how your environment can significantly influence your cravings. For each individual, an addiction has developed from differing influences. However, one mutual factor for most clients is the lack of control.

By removing yourself from your environment and attending a residential private drug and alcohol rehab centre, you will regain control of your life. This may currently feel impossible, especially if you’ve been living with a chronic drug and or alcohol addiction. However, with the right support, guidance and addiction treatments, a dependency can me diminished.

From your initial interest, straight through to post rehab, our mission is to provide 24-hour support appropriate for all individuals. We believe that the support you receive will ultimately affect your long-term recovery probability. Therefore, we maintain a positive, strong support network, whether that includes your family, peers and/or our specialised team. If you are scared of attending rehab, please do not worry.

We are here to help you through this difficult time, ensuring you have the right support to transform your perception and connection with drug and alcohol consumption. Return home to High Wycombe with our continuous support. If you are a client of ours and are currently struggling, take advantage of your free aftercare services today by getting in touch with our compassionate team.


Addiction treatments ideal to tackle drug and alcohol addiction

To help our clients fully combat their drug and alcohol addiction, we offer a variety of treatments here at Cassiobury Court rehab centre. As every client is different, experiencing a variety of psychological and physical cravings, our treatment programmes are versatile.

Once our admissions team have gained a greater understanding of your drug and alcohol consumption history, and the affects you experience, a tailored programme will be recommended. Within your individual programme you will be offered a wide range of treatment options, helping to work on your mindset, well-being and social skills. Below is a breakdown of treatments you could expect to see while completing residential rehab:

Psychological therapies: Here is where our specialised team will fully understand the psychological connection you have with drugs and alcohol. An understanding of your current influences will be gained to help you overcome any similar exposures. A variety of treatment options such as cognitive behavioural therapy, 1-1 recovery planning and mental health counselling will be available. All will work together to prepare you for a positive future without drug and alcohol consumption.

Well-being therapies: Here is where your physical health will be promoted. In order to fully recover from an addiction, it is important that your body is also gaining benefits while disconnecting from your current substance abuse. Treatments include yoga and meditation, healthy eating plans and drug or alcohol detoxifications. Each will help to realign your body to reflect your mind, promoting a holistic approach to addiction recovery.

Social activities: Here is where your support network will be built up, whilst helping you create healthy, natural coping mechanisms. Currently, your coping mechanism is to turn to your habit. Physical activity will be offered to help you increase natural happy chemicals in your body. You can expect to complete support groups, daily walks and family visits.

By receiving a combination of our bespoke, evidence-based addiction treatments, you will return home to High Wycombe with the tools required to maintain recovery. Post rehab, we will also provide outpatient treatment to keep you motivated and on track to fully overcoming your drug and alcohol addiction.


Our credible team of experts

Alongside our highly successful addiction treatments and ongoing support, our credible team of addiction experts drive our positive rehab reputation. If you are searching for a rehab centre which specialises in supporting those with a drug and alcohol addiction in the High Wycombe area, we are a trusted and favoured option.

Our team have years of deep experience of helping individuals work through rehabilitation and help them lead a sober future without drug and alcohol consumption. We are experts of understanding what is required to lead a positive journey through this difficult time. We will support you through each step to ensure your experience and end result is positive.

Get in touch with our credible team today to begin your rehab admission process. We can provide a convenient, home from home, full of the tools you need to transform. Return home to High Wycombe with life-saving techniques to lead the life you’ve always wished. A drug and alcohol addiction shouldn’t be tackled alone. Let our team guide you through your rehab programme.

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