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Alcohol Rehab Wales

People from Wales requiring rehabilitation for alcohol addiction are welcome to attend our Alcohol Rehab Wales centre where we believe you will be given the best care possible. Whether being referred by an NHS GP or a private practitioner, our bespoke treatment programs are designed with your needs in mind. Once you have been referred to our Alcohol Rehab Wales unit we can begin the admissions process. This involves creating a personalised care package with your needs at the heart of it.

Alcohol admissions account for the majority of people admitted in Wales. We understand that a range of external factors can have a detrimental effect on your life and lead ultimately to problems that you can no longer control.
Residential treatment offers you the chance of rehabilitation away from the issues that may be affecting you and we strive to help you address and overcome anything that might be having a negative effect of you.

Treatment for drug addiction is also available and the rehabilitation process is tailored to suit your needs. In addition to the treatment we offer, we suggest becoming involved in organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous to help support you in continuing the treatment process.

If you feel you or a loved one has an addiction to alcohol and needs to be referred for a Alcohol Rehab Wales admission then you can contact a health practitioner in Wales to help guide you through the admissions process for Alcohol Rehab Wales.
Rehabilitation for drug addiction is available and we strive to help equip you with the skills needed to continue your recovery once you have left the residential treatment. Rehabilitation is available on the NHS and referrals can be made quickly if funding has been agreed already.

We believe that offering you treatment away from home and the daily stresses of your life are the best way of dealing with drug addiction and alcohol addiction.
In addition to people being referred for alcohol admissions and drug admissions, we also offer treatment for other issues such as narcotics addiction and general mental health problems. Our residential treatment programs offer you the chance of rehabilitation in an environment where experienced specialists are available to encourage you on your journey to recovery. Our residential treatment centre provides you with an environment that is conducive to healing and gives you the opportunity to experience a range of treatments methods designed to help you.