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Can an Alcoholic Drink in Moderation?

Former alcoholics are likely to have stared directly into the abyss which is ‘alcoholic withdrawal syndrome’. This is a memory that although painful, seems to belong firmly in the past. After all, you’re cured. You’re strong. And above all you’re untouchable… or are you?
This sense of confidence amongst former addicts is all too common. If you’re reconsidering a return to the bottle, albeit from a place of moderation, we urge you to think again. We at least urge you to get as much information as you possibly can and consider the real risk of slipping back into alcoholism.


Christmas, weddings and other celebrations often exert pressure on you to consume “just one drink”.
But only one.
Or maybe two.
Or perhaps three.
Call it four.
OK, I hope you see where this is going.
The desire to return to moderate drinking following a period of recovery is common. The echelons of the rehab industry have preached against the ‘just one drink’ urge for years. This sacred cow has come under fire, most notably through a cohort of academics and the ‘Moderation Management’ organisation. Perhaps so much so that recovered alcoholics are confused.

Moderation Management vs. Total Abstinence

If you’re a recovered alcoholic it’s easy to see yourself in a position of strength. A position that can be deceptive.
Here at Cassiobury Court, we’ve seen first-hand that the tipping point back into addiction can be very slippery indeed. We agree with the traditionalists in frowning on the ‘just one drink’ mentality.
The recovered alcoholic has likely suffered lasting alterations in their brain’s ability to produce the “feel good” chemicals and “just one drink” is often the start of the downfall which could see you plunging back into an addiction nightmare.
Abstinence is, for the totality of recovered alcoholics, the only viable safe choice. Whatever benefit you derive from that ‘one drink’ is far outweighed by the potential risk it carries.
And we think it is fair to say that a recovered alcoholic who does successfully return to the bottle in moderation was perhaps incorrectly diagnosed as an addict in the first place.
One simply cannot be ‘cured’ outright from their addiction. ‘recovering’ as opposed ‘recovered’ is an omnipotent word in the rehabilitation vocabulary.
If you’ve slipped back into old ways we one of our expert consultants here at Cassiobury Court will be on hand to advise you further. You can contact us at Cassiobury Court on 01923 369 161.