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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bletchley

Are you based in Bletchley or the Milton Keynes area, suffering with substance abuse? Are you worried that your once innocent consumption is starting to resemble an addiction? Now is the time to understand the severity of your consumption, and whether professional help is needed.

Without making this observation, a drug and alcohol addiction could fester, slowly impacting your life, behaviour, relationships and mental health.

If you’re concerned and would like to discuss this with a drug and alcohol rehab in Bletchley, consider our specialised addiction services here at Cassiobury Court.


Understanding the severity of addiction

For those using drugs and alcohol, understanding the severity of their side effects may be difficult. Their reality is currently surrounded by substance abuse. With this in mind, we can understand why many individuals delay addiction treatment.

Yet, it’s important to gauge the severity of your addiction, before greater opportunity for damage is experienced. Without intervention and addiction treatment, a drug and alcohol addiction can be life-limiting. We’ve observed many individuals delay or deny professional support; this unfortunately leading to a life of side effects and withdrawal.

This however can be overcome by considering your current consumption levels. Has your drug and alcohol consumption increased? Has a tolerance to hazardous drugs advanced? Or maybe you’ve noticed that drug and alcohol withdrawal is now greater than ever? If either of these situations resonate with you, your addiction could be greater than you believe.


Why specialised rehabilitation services are needed?

Although many individuals would prefer to go cold turkey alone, this is unfortunately an unrealistic and unfeasible approach to recovery. For the best possible recovery results, specialised rehabilitation services should be followed.

However, the most vital factor available through professional addiction treatment is the level of safety present. Attempting to stop drug and alcohol consumption without medical supervision can be very dangerous. While high levels of drugs and alcohol may have been consumed this far, the body and mind will rely upon it. Once this is stopped, shock will be experienced, influencing withdrawal.

Side effects of withdrawal can include anything from nausea and seizures, to depression and paranoia. With this in mind, specialised rehabilitation services through a rehab centre will provide safe and effective addiction recovery.


Finding a drug and alcohol rehab near Bletchley

If you’re serious about recovering, finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Bletchley or the surrounding area will be recommended. Although free NHS addiction services may be available from your local hospital, it’s important to consider the consistency of treatment.

Inconsistent or low-quality treatment can delay recovery significantly, along with promoting further substance abuse. With this in mind, we do recommend the investment into a comprehensive treatment programme.

For individuals with mild side effects, outpatient treatment from a centre in Bletchley will be recommended. This will offer a rehab journey which can work in tandem with everyday life. Yet, for individuals with moderate to severe drug and alcohol addictions, residential treatment will be encouraged; something we offer here at Cassiobury Court.


Why consider residential addiction treatment?

For those struggling with the impacts of addiction, residential rehab programmes should definitely be considered. There are a number of benefits which contribute to progressing recovery substantially.

Firstly, the access you will receive to consistent addiction treatment outweighs any further rehabilitation services. Here you will experience a wide range of leading addiction treatments, ensuring you’re following safe, effective and current treatment options.

Secondly, you will have the support and guidance of addiction specialists. While support will be provided through outpatient treatment, by visiting a residential rehab, you’ll have around the clock support and care. Whether you’re struggling with treatment, or you’re celebrating those small but important milestones, addiction specialists will be there for you.

Thirdly, the positive and healing environment you will reside within. You may currently find yourself in a toxic environment. Yet, by investing into residential rehab, you’ll be surrounded by positive exposures, known to promote healing significantly.

And finally, you’ll have the peace, privacy and headspace to commit to your own personalised treatment programme. By relocating to a rehab facility, limiting triggers will be present, reducing drug and alcohol relapse greatly.

All of the above can be experienced here at Cassiobury Court, known to support many Bletchley locals through to long-term recovery. By investing in your rehab journey, you’ll be investing into your future self.


Our rehab programmes here at Cassiobury Court

Here at Cassiobury Court, we offer highly valuable rehab programmes. The main service which benefits our clients is the access we have to leading addiction treatments, designed with full recovery in mind.

For those struggling with a drug and alcohol addiction, common treatment options promoted include:

  • A drug and alcohol detox programme: This treatment option will help tackle the physical dependence you have to drugs and alcohol. Detoxifying the body will prepare for a future without addictive substances, while boosting wellbeing.
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy: For many clients, a psychological connection will be present. In this situation, CBT will work on realigning the mind, while changing perspectives of drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Individual and group therapy: Sometimes, a problem shared is a problem solved. To break down barriers and delve deeper, promoting psychological recovery, therapy will help to understand the underlying trigger.
  • Coping mechanism sessions: This is highly important for many clients, helping to support them once returning home to Bletchley. By learning healthy coping mechanisms, future drug and alcohol relapses can be worked through.

This common combination of addiction treatments carries great results for our clients. Alternative treatment options and services will be recommended, however, a balance between social, medical and psychological methods will be present.

To ensure you’re benefiting from your residential rehab programme, you’ll be provided with a personalised treatment programme; helping to boost effective recovery.

If you’re hoping to experience this level of rehabilitation, consider a drug and alcohol rehab in Bletchley or the surrounding area. Here at Cassiobury Court, we can provide you with a road to recovery through a residential rehab programme.

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