5 Addiction Recovery Apps That Support Your Well-Being

5 Addiction Recovery Apps That Support Your Well-Being

No matter where you are in your personal journey, recovery can have its challenging moments. When the process gets tough, having various support options can make all the difference.

Did you know that there are apps specifically designed to assist you on this journey, offering valuable tools and community support? Well, now you do. In this article, we’ll be exploring five addiction recovery apps that are free to use and well worth downloading.

5 Addiction Recovery Apps to Download

Whether you need day-to-day motivation, want to track your milestones, or connect with others who understand your experience, these five apps are here to help you every step of the way.

I Am Sober

I Am Sober” is a great free (unless you opt for the premium version) app designed to help individuals on their journey to sobriety. Whether you’re recovering from alcohol, drugs, or any other addiction, this free resource provides a supportive and structured way to track and maintain recovery.

Who’s It For?

Whether you’re newly sober or have been in recovery for many years, this app is for anyone looking to maintain and support their sobriety. Understanding the app’s capabilities can also benefit friends, family members, and sponsors who help someone in recovery.

Why It Stands Out

This app not only tracks your progress but also provides a supportive community and useful tools to help you stay committed to your sobriety goals. It’s essentially a pocket-sized support group and sobriety coach that you can access as and when you need it.

The app has achieved a 4.9 out of 5 rating from users, with reviews centring around finding the visual representation of progress helpful to the overall recovery journey, as well as the access to the community on this platform.

Key Features of I Am Sober

Key features include:

  • Sober trackers for visual progress: Users can see how many days you’ve been sober at a glance.
  • Streaks: Keep track of your continuous sober streaks.
  • Morning pledges: Start your day with a commitment to stay sober.
  • End-of-day reflections: Review your day and keep a record of how you’re feeling.
  • Money & time saved: Calculate the amount of time and money you’ve saved by staying sober.
  • Achievements: Celebrate key milestones in your sobriety journey with personalised push notifications and rewards.
  • Custom milestones: Set and celebrate your own unique milestones.
  • Shared experiences: Connect with a community of people on the same journey as you.
  • Motivation and advice: Get and give support, share stories, and find inspiration.
  • Personalised experience Options: Track your recovery progress from multiple addictions simultaneously and set reminders to help you stay on track.

SURE Recovery App

The SURE Recovery app is a free tool designed to support individuals in recovery from alcohol or drug use. It offers various features to track and assist in the recovery journey.

Who’s It For?

SURE Recovery is for anyone in recovery from substance abuse or use disorders. It’s also useful for those contemplating recovery, offering tools and resources to support their journey.

Why It Stands Out

Rated 4.4 stars, the app is appreciated for its practical support, addiction apps, self-help tools, and community features, providing comprehensive aid for recovery.

Key Features:

  • Recovery tracking: Utilise tools like the Substance Use Recovery Evaluator (SURE) and Substance Use Sleep Scale (SUSS).
  • Diary: Maintain a personal recovery diary.
  • Naloxone information: Users are able to learn about naloxone, how it can help those during a potential overdose and how it may be used.
  • Community art: Share and view recovery-related artwork.
  • Literature access: Access recovery-related literature.
  • Research data sharing: Optionally share data for research purposes.

The app offers a supportive platform with practical tools and community features to assist individuals in their recovery journey. For more details, visit the SURE Recovery App Store page.

Nomo Sobriety and Recovery App

Created by someone who is in recovery themselves, Nomo is a comprehensive app that’s also available for free (with optional in-app purchases) designed to support individuals in their journey to sobriety and recovery from various addictions.

Who’s It For?

Nomo is made for absolutely anyone in recovery, no matter where they are in their journey. Whether you’re dealing with alcohol, drugs, or other forms of addiction, it can be tailored to help people at any stage.

Loved ones of those in recovery might also find Nomo useful for understanding and supporting their progress. It has access to recovery stories, too, for anyone needing a bit of inspiration when life feels tough.

Why It Stands Out

Nomo is predominantly a tracker, but it also provides a range of tools and a solid community to help users stay committed to their recovery goals. Users have rated Nomo 4.1 out of 5 stars, highlighting the usefulness of the clock features and the supportive community aspects of the platform.

Key Features of Nomo

  • Visual tracking options: Nomo allows users to create multiple clocks to track their sobriety time for various addictions and habits.
  • Milestone markers: You can celebrate your achievements with detailed milestone markers and motivational badges.
  • Check-in system: The app has a frequent check-in system, which can help reinforce your commitment and provide daily motivation to those who are struggling.
  • Accountability partners: Connect with others in recovery for mutual support and encouragement.
  • Journal feature: Keep a private journal to document your thoughts, feelings, and progress.
  • Progress sharing: You’ll have the option to share your progress and updates with friends, family, or the community.
  • Tools and exercises: Access various exercises and tools designed to help you manage mental health and addiction triggers, cravings, and general stress, designed to help people engage in healthy coping skills and avoid relapse.

Sober Time – Sobriety Counter

Sober Time” is a free app with optional premium features that help individuals track their sobriety and stay motivated throughout their recovery process.

Who’s It For?

Out of all the addiction recovery apps available, this one is ideal for anyone recovering and looking for professional care in a structured way to monitor their treatment progress. It’s also useful for those who are supporting someone through their recovery journey, as it can provide insight into how the individual is coping.

Why It Stands Out

Sober Time offers a sleek and intuitive interface. Its strong focus on visualising progress and celebrating milestones is important for maintaining motivation. It serves as a daily reminder of your achievements and the benefits of staying sober.

According to Apple’s app store, users rate the app 4.8 out of 5. Many of the reviews find the ease of use and the motivational aspect of tracking days sober.

Key Features of Sober Time

  • Sobriety counter: Easily see how many days you’ve been sober.
  • Motivational quotes: Daily motivational quotes to inspire and encourage you on your journey.
  • Milestone achievements: Celebrate your milestones with badges.
  • Custom goals: Set and track custom goals to suit your recovery journey.
  • Detailed stats: View detailed statistics about your sobriety journey.
  • Themes and customisation options: Customise the app’s look with various themes to make it personal to you.
  • Triggers and reflections: Document your triggers and reflect on your progress to understand and overcome challenges as and when they happen.

Twenty-Four Hours a Day

The Twenty-Four Hours a Day app is designed for individuals in recovery from addiction, primarily those following the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) programmes or similar 12-step recovery programmes. It serves as a daily guide and support tool to help maintain sobriety and foster a healthy recovery lifestyle within addiction treatment itself.

The Twenty-Four Hours a Day app has received positive reviews from its users. On average, it holds a rating of around 4.8 out of 5 stars on platforms like the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Users appreciate its simplicity, the quality of the content, and how it complements their recovery efforts.

Key Features

  • Daily meditations: The app provides daily readings and meditations adapted from the classic recovery book “Twenty-Four Hours a Day,” offering spiritual and practical guidance to support sobriety.
  • Prayer and reflection: Users can access prayers and reflections to start and end their day, helping them stay grounded and focused on their recovery journey.
  • Searchable Content: The app allows users to search for specific topics, phrases, or passages, making it easy to find relevant readings and meditations tailored to their needs.
  • Personalisation: Users can customise their experience to be anything they feel is useful. This might include saving their favourite readings, setting reminders for daily readings, and journaling their thoughts and progress.
  • Accessibility: The app is designed to be user-friendly, with a clean interface that makes it easy to navigate and access content quickly.

Why It Stands Out

The app is based on the well-respected and widely-used “Twenty-Four Hours a Day” book, which has been a key resource for decades.

  • Daily structure: By providing daily meditations and structured reflections, the app helps users establish a routine that supports long-term recovery.
  • Focus on spirituality: The app emphasises spiritual growth and connection, which are core components of many 12-step programmes and essential aspects of the recovery process for many individuals.
  • Spiritual emphasis: although many addiction recovery apps focus on practical tips and tracking sobriety, this one strongly emphasises spirituality and meditation, which can be essential for those following 12-step programmes.
  • Easy to use: The app’s straightforward design ensures that users can easily access the resources they need without navigating through complex menus or features.
  • Daily guidance: The daily readings and structured format provide consistent support and advice, helping users stay committed to their recovery on a day-by-day basis.

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