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Addiction treatments are essential to complete when withdrawing, restoring, and rehabilitating from a drug and alcohol addiction. While stopping consumption may seem like a good idea, helping to motivate such milestones, addiction as a diagnosis requires greater intervention and care.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Sussex

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Sussex

An addiction is a cognitive condition, which adapts physical behaviours and psychological processes. Treatment is, therefore, necessary to revert the adaptations, while developing a strong platform to recover from.

While it may be disheartening to overlook lone attempts of getting clean, professional help is invaluable through this time, offering leading and comprehensive bouts of addiction treatment.

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Sussex, you’ll have the ability to access quality, consistent and necessary treatments to recover from and manage addiction. On an inpatient basis, treatment will be deliverable to influence both physical and psychological recovery.

Experience leading treatments and therapies here at Cassiobury Court, followed by the offering of outpatient aftercare.


Value of addiction treatment

Addiction treatments are invaluable through the rehabilitation process. They safely help to promote withdrawal, which is a key milestone of physical recovery, indicating a shift in drug and alcohol exposure. They also help to revert the change that substance abuse has caused, especially on psychological and behavioural levels, again safely and sustainably.

A key benefit of addiction treatment exposure is that each session will combine to efficiently target addiction. An addiction can become a highly aggressive condition, where symptoms and effects can quickly intensify. Treatment via a leading drug and alcohol rehab in Sussex will reduce such probabilities, by focusing directly on suppressing habits, cravings, and changes.

There is a wide range of available treatment and therapy options, relevant to drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Their role is recognised as life-changing tools, help to detox the body while learning to adapt, cope and enjoy life without the presence of drugs and alcohol. Working closely to adapt habits, routines, and outlooks, to realign the body and brain, and to instil the benefits of sobriety, treatment is a significant fulfilment.


Treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab in Sussex

Experiencing treatment, on a residential, inpatient basis will offer even greater value. From a drug and alcohol rehab in Sussex, elevating the role of treatment will be possible, by experiencing a personal, productive, and safe exposure to residential addiction treatment.

Offered here at Cassiobury Court, inpatient addiction treatment provides the benefit of a proactive pace, by promoting the completion of relevant treatment each day of a 30-day programme. Significant changes and recovery can be achieved through this approach, followed by the input of aftercare.

Private treatment options also carry the value of personalisation, by pairing together the most effective addiction treatments and therapies. Following the expected pace of care, recommendations will ensure that relevant treatment can be completed through drug and alcohol rehab.

Selecting to source treatment via a drug and alcohol rehab in Sussex will also benefit your recovery journey by providing access to our rehabilitation centre here at Cassiobury Court. Our therapies cover a wide area of addiction recovery, including mental health rehabilitation, to improve long-term recovery possibilities. Following a personalised approach, completing treatment here will offer assurance and confidence in the role of rehab.


Therapy and treatment options

Therapy and treatment options to suppress and manage addiction should target physical and psychological rehabilitation. This is very important to achieve a comprehensive rate of recovery, by promoting physical withdrawal and psychological rebuild.

We offer a wide range of treatment services, personally recommended by our medical and specialist team, to cater to individual needs. Yet our services which continue to offer positive effects include:

  • Drug and alcohol detoxification, to safely withdraw the body to achieve stability and sobriety.
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy, to understand the emotional effects of substance abuse, along with changing them to instead crave sobriety.
  • Group therapy, in place to offer motivation and direction through the social and mutual struggles of addiction recovery.
  • Individual therapy, offers a safe place to work through the emotions of rehabilitation.
  • Family therapy, as a tool to rebuild relationships and increase awareness of addiction recovery.
  • Stress management, to suppress the influence of ongoing stressors.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment, to treat both addiction and mental health symptoms.
  • Relapse prevention planning, to sustainably plan for the future in Sussex.
  • Holistic therapies, to increase mindfulness and all-around healing.

Our therapies are highly effective when personally recommended throughout an inpatient structure. The combination of treatments will define the contents and length of rehabilitation for each client, helping to work towards individual recovery goals.


Outpatient care in Sussex

Outpatient aftercare is also an important treatment area, offered post-rehab, to continue a degree of professional support. The transition from inpatient rehab to everyday life is found to be tough for some individuals, increasing the risks of relapse. To reduce such risks, support through this time will be beneficial, standing as aftercare.

On an outpatient basis, flexibility and convenience will be felt by completing an appropriate bout of aftercare treatment services. Services usually focus on support group settings and regular check-ins yet can expand for personal requirements.

Available for 1 year after rehab, free of charge, aftercare treatment will help to cement new habits and outlooks to increase the sustainability of sober living.

Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Sussex, on an inpatient basis will carry the significant value of treatment and its exposure. Experience quality treatments and therapies here at Cassiobury Court, an inpatient, private rehabilitation centre with specialisms within addiction recovery.

A cure isn’t possible for addiction, as the changes that it influences can be very complex to completely diminish. However, treating addiction is doable, along with managing such influences for life, reflecting the benefits of a cure. Starting with drug and alcohol rehab will be a positive step to achieve this.

Typically, an inpatient programme carries over a 28-to-30-day timeframe. Yet personal needs and treatment recommendations can adapt this, ensuring that time is used effectively.

Therapy options range across varying roles and benefits. Personal recommendations will most definitely be made throughout drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Yet common forms include cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational therapy, group therapy and individual therapy.

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