Benefits of Group Therapy

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Benefits of Group Therapy

Across the United Kingdom, one in eight adults seeks therapy for mental health disorders.

In addition to this, a further 18% of adults in struggling with drug and alcohol addictions in England secure therapy based treatment to help them address and overcome substance abuse.

As treatment is sought for mental health disorders and substance addictions, individuals will encounter various treatment methods as they progress through their personalised treatment programmes.

Although the treatment incorporated into an individual’s treatment will entirely depend on their personal circumstances and how their life has been impaired by their struggles, one-to-one and group therapy is typically encountered.

While one-to-one therapy is exceptionally beneficial and widely employed, there are various benefits of group therapy.  However, many people find group therapy to be somewhat daunting.

If you have sadly found yourself experiencing mental health problems, or have become addicted to a substance, you may have considered securing treatment either via the NHS or a private rehab similar to our own.  Yet you may find yourself deferring the treatment that is readily available to you due to feeling apprehensive about encountering group therapy.


What Are The Benefits of Group Therapy?

To help you understand the benefits of group therapy, we have delved into how group therapy helps those in recovery below.


1. Group Therapy Enables Individuals to Seek Support

As an individual determines that seeking support for an addiction or mental health disorder is in their best interest, group therapy will likely be the first time they have received support from other individuals.

Although family members and friends will have offered their undivided support, those struggling with addictions and mental health disorders will often reject this in a bid to prevent their problems from hurting those around them.


2. Group Therapy Provides Insight into Other Individual’s Recovery

As group therapy is encountered, individuals are encouraged to uncover how rehabilitation and therapy have successfully helped others overcome their internal struggles and move forward with their life.

In addition to demonstrating that obtaining a long-term recovery is possible, listening to others’ recovery stories provides a glimmer of hope and encourages individuals to learn from the successes of those who have progressed through rehabilitation and overcome addictions and mental health disorders.


3. Group Therapy Can Minimise The Risk Of Relapse

One of the most significant benefits of group therapy is that it drastically reduces an individual’s chance of experiencing a relapse, especially within the first year of recovery.

This is because those that take advantage of group therapy will have the ability to confide in and seek reassurance from those that understand what they may be feeling as they return to their everyday life.  For many individuals in recovery, this support is vital.


4. Group Therapy Helps Those In Recovery Come To Terms With Their Addiction or Mental Health Disorder

Individuals struggling with mental health disorders and addictions often live in denial.  In many cases, this is because they simply do not believe that they have become addicted to a substance and will be under the impression that they do not need to seek professional support.

However, as group therapy is encountered, those in recovery are provided with the opportunity to come to terms with their addiction or mental health disorder.  In doing so, they come to recognise that they have in fact been living in denial and have previously failed to recognise that their problems with substances, for example, have consumed their every waking moment.

Although coming to terms with an addiction or mental health disorder is somewhat uncomfortable, attending group therapy enables individuals to face their struggles and admit that they need help.  In doing so, various coping strategies and mechanisms can be devised to guarantee long-term recovery.


5. Group Therapy Provides A Safe Space For Individual’s To Voice Their Concerns

As an addiction consumes an individual’s every waking moment, it is not uncommon for them to keep their struggles with mental health disorders and addictions to themselves.

Although often kept a secret to preserve relationships with others and avoid confrontation and the stigmas that mostly surround mental health disorders and addictions, doing so can significantly impair an individual’s quality of life.

However, group therapy provides a safe space for individuals to voice their concerns and discuss how their mental health disorder or addiction has caused them to feel.

While the thought of doing so is often daunting, those that attend group therapy find that discussing their struggles provides them with a sense of relief, which ultimately helps them secure an optimistic outlook on life.


Group Therapy At Cassiobury Court

At Cassiobury Court, group therapy is a vital part of our rehabilitation programmes.  Regardless of whether an individual comes to us with a mental health disorder, substance addiction or behavioural addiction, group therapy is highly recommended due to its various benefits.

Throughout the rehabilitation stage of our treatment programmes, group therapy sees a small group of individuals come together to discuss how their addiction has impaired their life and listen to how others have been affected.

In doing so, as touched on above, group therapy offers insight into recovery journeys and helps individuals come to terms with their addiction.  As individuals express how their addiction has caused them to feel and the ramifications their addiction or mental health disorder has had on their life, they can also seek support from those who know exactly what they are going through.

In addition to encountering group therapy throughout rehabilitation, our aftercare support sees those in recovery provided with frequent group therapy sessions to ensure that they have a safe space to discuss their recovery and any issues that they have come face-to-face with at home.


Contact Us Today

If you are personally struggling with an addiction or mental health disorder and would like to find out more about the benefits of group therapy, please contact us today.

In addition to providing you with the information you require, we can ensure that you secure treatment that will essentially enable you to overcome your struggles.


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Raffa Bari - Author Last updated: 30th January 2023

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