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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Wealden

Are you based in Wealden or the East Sussex region, suffering from substance misuse? Have you noticed that your drug and alcohol consumption has increased, completely out of your control? Or maybe you’ve developed common side effects linked to an addiction, including physical and mental health issues?

If this sounds like your current situation, it’s time to consider treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab in Wealden. If the above deviates slightly from your current reality, yet you believe a problem is starting to develop with drugs or alcohol, sourcing support now will reduce life-altering impacts entering your life.

Although a short stone throws away, here at Cassiobury Court, we are leading specialists in addiction treatment. We have supported clients across the country rehabilitate from the most chronic dependencies. Reach out today to discuss how residential rehab could also work for you.


The impacts of chronic drug and alcohol use

Commonly, a drug and alcohol dependency will start unintentionally for many of our clients. From prescription medication to illegal drugs, consistent use of high quantities can quickly develop into a habit. The key driving factor influencing substance abuse lies down to stressful situations and pre-existing mental health issues.

From a mere coping mechanism, drug and alcohol misuse can easily turn into an addiction without control. Here is where the risk of long-term, life-altering side effects are likely to develop, with a great focus currently on psychological impairment.

This has sadly affected many individuals across the UK, influencing further habitual behaviours and mental health disorders; ultimately increasing the chance of a dual diagnosis.

Although a dual diagnosis can also be treated here at our rehab facility, we encourage individuals abusing drugs and alcohol, or any other type of addiction to rehabilitate as soon as possible, with the aim to avoid deep-rooted psychological disorders. Treatment for both an addiction and mental health illness can be completed individually, yet in unison at some of the country’s leading rehab centres.


Finding addiction treatment local to Wealden

Wonderful news, you’ve decided to consider rehabilitation through a drug and alcohol rehab in Wealden. Setting this level of accountability will increase your chances of long-term recovery. Yet before investing into a local rehab programme, it’s important to understand the wide range of treatment options available to you.

For some individuals, NHS free addiction services will be favoured, with the aim to avoid the cost of private care. This is of course understandable, yet currently, free services sadly lack consistency. Therefore, if you’re living with a moderate to chronic drug and alcohol addiction, greater treatment services will be required to achieve complete recovery.

If you’re experiencing minor side effects from substance abuse, yet have the drive to rehabilitate, visiting a Wealden based rehab facility could work in your favour. Prearranged outpatient treatment will be offered, helping you continue your daily schedule, while working through your fixation to drugs and alcohol.

Yet, for individuals who are clearly suffering with a visible drug and alcohol addiction, it’s time to consider an investment into residential care. Although an investment will seem impossible or unnecessary, it is important to appreciate the benefits linked to residential rehab, along with the high success rates available to you. This investment into private care will be worthwhile, offering a personalised, consistent treatment programme.


Increase your recovery rate at a residential facility

If your aim is to rehabilitate for the long-term, residential rehab will help you achieve this. Firstly, the scope of leading addiction treatments available to you will outshine the value of outpatient treatment. The consistent high level of care and treatment services available will provide a clear path to recovery. Likewise, the personalised route to treatment here at Cassiobury Court will ensure that treatment options are ideal for you, working around your requirements.

Secondly, by checking into a residential rehab facility, you’ll have a clear opportunity to focus on your treatment programme, rather than your current stimulations. An addiction is a chronic mental disorder. Therefore, highly focused treatment sessions are required, with the aim to reduce any distractions. This can be achieved by stepping away from current influences or triggers based back in Wealden.

Finally, by investing into private care, you will increase your chances of comprehensive recovery substantially. By following a structured rehab programme, catered to your needs, you’ll have the greatest opportunity to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction, while preparing for the future. From working through mental health issues and physical cravings, to improving your overall lifestyle, you’ll feel ready to lead a sober future.


Receive leading treatment here at Cassiobury Court

Here at our Watford based rehab facility, we have a wide range of leading addiction treatments on offer. As touched on above, we follow a personalised approach to treatment, ensuring that progression is possible for all clients. We understand that this is an investment for you, therefore, we will do our utmost to create a positive, worthwhile rehab experience.

For many clients suffering with substance misuse, an initial detox programme will be required. After consuming drugs and alcohol for some time, high levels of toxins will be present in the body. Here is where a detox programme can help to realign the body to perform at its optimal health. Please be reassured that although a detox is known to be difficult, it is a worthwhile treatment option, setting you up for greater recovery.

From here, a wide range of psychological and social treatment options will be implemented. Common treatment options encouraged include cognitive behavioural therapy, support groups, motivational sessions and relapse prevention educational sessions. This mixed approach will disconnect your habitual behaviour, while preparing your mind and body for a future without drugs and alcohol. If you’re living with a dual diagnosis, an individual mental health treatment plan can also be created to work through the underlying trigger.

Before starting treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab in Wealden itself, consider the results you could achieve by visiting a residential rehab facility. Reach out to our team today to discuss how our comprehensive rehab programmes will work for you.

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