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Drug and alcohol addictions impair the lives of millions of people each year.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Littlehampton

Although treatment is widely available, if you are struggling with an addiction, you may have avoided attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Littlehampton up until now.

If you are ready to seek treatment, you may well have a number of unanswered questions. If this resonates with you, we at Cassiobury Court have answered many of our frequently asked questions to assist you.


What Happens If I Have An Addiction And Do Not Seek Treatment?

If you have developed an addiction to either drugs or alcohol and do not seek treatment, the quality of your life will become drastically impaired.

Sadly, as addictions have both physical and psychological consequences, failure to attend a drug and alcohol rehab in Littlehampton could see you subject to a wealth of long-lasting and irreversible illnesses.

Although treatment can be provided when an individual is admitted to hospital, treatment for drug and alcohol addictions significantly minimises the number of people that require hospitalisation.

Regrettably, if you are struggling with an addiction and do not seek treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab, your addiction could cost you your life.  Unfortunately, over 4,907 people lose their lives to drugs each year in England and Wales alone.  Adding to this, almost 9,641 people die each year as a result of untreated alcohol-related illnesses.

Besides being at risk of developing severe physical and psychological illnesses, as your addiction controls your every waking moment, your relationships with others will also become compromised.


How Will Attending A Drug and Alcohol Rehab Help Me Overcome My Addiction?

Regardless of whether you attend a drug and alcohol rehab in Littlehampton,or our residential rehab here in Watford, personalised treatment programmes, therapy and aaround-the-clockcare will be combined to ensure that you can overcome your addiction.

Although we cannot ascertain the treatment that may be provided by a drug and alcohol rehab in Littlehampton, we can help you understand how attending our drug and alcohol rehab will assist you in overcoming your addiction.

First and foremost, attending our drug and alcohol rehab will ensure that you can take advantage of the treatment that you need.  All of our treatment programmes are bespoke to our client’s needs.  This means that you will only be provided treatment that our medical teams believe will help you make a long-term recovery.

As you commence treatment, you will likely undergo various types of therapy.  Although the therapy you are offered will depend on many factors, psychological and well-being therapies are proven to help individuals from all walks of life overcome their addictions.

While you may question if therapy is necessary, it should be noted that without therapy, you will be unable to identify the causes of your addiction.  You will also be unable to develop strategies that will help you cope with any triggers.  Considering this, therapy plays a crucial role in helping you overcome your addiction.

At Cassiobury Court, all of our treatments are offered on an inpatient basis.  This means that as you progress through treatment, you will be required to move into our centre temporarily.  While this may seem daunting, completing your rehabilitation treatment on an inpatient basis will help you overcome your addiction.

Unbeknown to many, individuals who attend outpatient rehabs are at greater risk of relapsing during and after treatment.  In contrast, those that seek treatment from an inpatient facility, such as ours, are less likely to relapse.


How Will You Know What Treatment I Require?

To ensure that we provide you with the treatment you need, you will be required to complete an admissions assessment upon entering our facility.  This assessment will review your physical and psychological health and will also determine the severity of your addiction.

Throughout your admissions assessment, our team will ask you several questions and evaluate your behaviour and physical state.


How Is Treatment Administered At Cassiobury Court?

Should you decide to attend our residential rehab instead of a drug and alcohol rehab in Littlehampton, you will find that treatment is administered in various ways.

For example, detoxification is medically induced.  This means that medication will be prescribed to ensure that you can withdraw from the substances you have become addicted to.

Unlike detoxification, rehabilitation will see you encouraged to talk about your addiction.  You may even be encouraged to express your feelings through art, drama and music.  Typically, therapies administered throughout the rehabilitation stage of treatment are carried out in one-to-one and group sessions.

As you reach the end of your time in our residential rehab, we will continue to support you with aftercare support.  Aftercare support is administered on an outpatient basis and will see you attend weekly catch up sessions at our centre.  You may also be advised to participate in recovery groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous.


Will I Relapse Or Become Addicted To A Different Substance After Attending Rehab?

As you decide to attend a drug and alcohol rehab in Littlehampton, it is not uncommon for you to worry about life after rehab.  In fact, many individuals express their concerns surrounding relapsing or developing cross addictions.

At Cassiobury Court, the treatment you secure at our centre will mitigate your risk of relapse.  We will work with you to ensure that you develop coping strategies, and as touched on above, we will also help you identify what could trigger you to relapse.  In doing so, you will understand what you need to do if you do find yourself at risk of relapsing.

With our aftercare support, we are confident that our treatment will help you make a long-term recovery.


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