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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Woking

Addiction is a disease, and like any kind of disease, you’re unlikely to beat it without professional help. If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Woking, then it’s likely you’ve already identified that you or a loved one have an issue and are looking for the best treatment possible. If you are looking for world-class rehab, then consider Cassiobury Court in Watford, less than an hours’ drive from Woking.

If you have a drug and alcohol addiction, then going to rehab can help you turn your life around. Having an addiction can have so many negative consequences to your mental health, relationships, career and finances, so finally being free of drugs or alcohol can help you start over again. With a team of experienced addiction counsellors on hand to support you, we give you the best possible chance of long-term sobriety.


Choosing the right treatment for drug and alcohol addiction

When you start your search for addiction rehab, you’ll notice that there are many types of treatments being offered. You’ll no doubt come across many places offering outpatient treatment, where you’ll attend a clinic during the day, but will be home at evenings and weekends. While this works in some cases, it’s our experience that it can make people more likely to relapse, especially during the detox phase. It’s worth calling us for a free addiction assessment to help you decide whether our residential treatment would be more suitable for you.

Our treatment programme takes 28 days, so although you have plenty of time for intensive therapy, but only need to take a few weeks out of your life to make a big change. While this may seem like a long time, it’s worth considering that an outpatient treatment or therapy could take many months, so many people prefer this intensive approach.


Our rehab programme

We know that no two addictions are the same, and that’s why at Cassiobury Court, you’ll get a treatment programme that’s been specifically tailored to you. The programme begins with a full assessment of your addiction, allowing us to see what your mental and physical health is like. We will then usually recommend a medically assisted detox, which is a lot more pleasant than simply going cold turkey. We’ll provide prescription drugs that have a slightly sedative effect, allowing you to get through the worst of the withdrawal symptoms while being closely monitored by staff 24-hours a day.

Staying at Cassiobury Court allows you to go through a world-class rehab programme that offers individual and group therapy. Your detox will usually take just a few days, and once it’s done, you’ll be able to focus on the addiction rehab programme that we’ve put together for you.

Therapy can be hard work, so we also offer holistic treatments to help you through your programme. You can enjoy a massage, take a yoga lesson, or learn the art of mindfulness. We often run workshops in art, music or drama therapy, which can give you a creative outlet, or you can simply choose to have some quiet time and get fresh air in the grounds. Our rehab clinic also has nice communal areas where you can watch TV or have a chat with fellow patients in your spare time.


Staying at Cassiobury Court

While you might specifically be looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Woking, it’s worth looking further afield in areas such as Watford where Cassiobury Court is based. This is because we’re a world-class clinic offering exceptional treatment options for people with addictions, and we’re only a short drive away.

Staying at Cassiobury Court means you can spend some time away from home, breaking out of your everyday habits and staying away from people like dealers who might negatively influence you. However, you’ll still feel at home thanks to our cosy, welcoming environment, so there’s no need to be homesick while going through drug or alcohol addiction treatment. From the first day you arrive, both staff and your fellow patients will be happy to meet you and provide excellent support during your stay.

Our facilities include single-occupancy and en-suite rooms on request, which ensure you get plenty of rest and privacy. Our rooms are clean and comfortable, and there are laundry services available during your stay.


Free aftercare from Cassiobury Court

When you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Woking, Cassiobury Court offer excellent value for money as we provide 12 months of free aftercare to everyone who completes 28 days with us. These group sessions are a great way to build a support network after you complete drug or alcohol rehab, and mean you can stay in touch with friends you’ve met at Cassiobury Court.

We want to ensure that you have the best possible chance of sobriety, and if you complete our programme and aftercare, then your odds are much higher than someone who does outpatient rehab. This is because Cassiobury Court focus on relapse prevention, teaching you the skills you need to identify a potential relapse and how to avoid it. By attending support groups, you also build a support network and can be motivated to stay sober. We can also help you adapt to life outside of rehab, spending time discussing what you’ll do next and helping you find support in areas such as your job search. We may also suggest family or relationship therapy, which can help your loved ones heal too.

When you need effective drug and alcohol rehab in Woking, call the team at Cassiobury Court on 0800 001 4070 or get in touch by texting HELP to 83222 and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible

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