We have treatment centres for drug and alcohol rehab in Farnham

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Is your addiction to alcohol or drugs ruining your life? Now is the time to make a difference and create a future that you can look forward to.

Here at Cassiobury Court, we’ve helped countless people win their fight against drug and alcohol addiction.

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Rehab treatment in Farnham
Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In Farnham

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We offer residential treatment that is close to the Farnham area.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Farnham

Addiction is a huge problem in England in areas such as Farnham – in 2021 there were 63 deaths recorded as a result of drug use in the region. This is why it is key to seek addiction treatment as soon as possible.

Our exceptional team of recovery workers deliver highly effective evidence-based therapies to suit each individuals’ unique needs; this gives you the best opportunity to achieve your long-term recovery goals through alcohol or drug rehab.

Our drug and alcohol rehab in Farnham boast high-quality, luxurious facilities with a relaxed and positive atmosphere. We aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible by providing all the home comforts you could wish for.

Creating this sense of a ‘safe haven’ encourages an efficient and successful recovery as you begin to feel confident in your new surroundings and ready to take on this difficult, yet extremely worthwhile experience.


Starting your journey to recovery at our rehab for drug and alcohol abuse

One of the most difficult steps can be to actually acknowledge that you have a drug addiction or alcohol addiction for which you require professional drug and alcohol rehab support.

As typical Brits, we tend to share an unhealthy attitude of feeling reluctant to open up and share our worries with other people.

This mindset could lead us to believing that we’re able to overcome drug and alcohol abuse on our own, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Whilst you might be able to remove your physical dependency on the substance through drug and alcohol detoxification, you’ll never be able to break the psychological connection without the expertise of addiction specialists.

Even undertaking a drug and alcohol detoxification on your own can be extremely ineffective and dangerous, as you’re likely to experience withdrawal symptoms, some of which could be quite severe.

This is why it’s so important to seek the support of a private drug and alcohol rehab likes ours in Farnham. If you were to leave your addiction untreated, it’ll only intensify, getting much worse the longer you leave it.

We encourage you to take this opportunity to speak with our team and ask any further questions you may have about our residential addiction treatment. If you take the first steps towards recovery today, you can avoid any additional damage to your physical and psychological health.


Do we treat a dual diagnosis?

It’s very common for those who are suffering from drug and alcohol abuse to be in denial about their condition. Once you’ve taken that first step in asking for help, we can begin your journey to long-term recovery together.

Over our years of experience, we’ve seen first-hand the strong connection between drug and alcohol addiction and mental health issues. In the UK, we’re now beginning to see more attention being correctly placed on rising mental health issues.

When you’re struggling with your mental health, you’re much more likely to feel as though you can’t speak to anyone and push those feelings back inside, intensifying the denial.

It’s important to look at poor mental health and drug or alcohol addiction together. When someone is experiencing both of these, we refer to it as a dual diagnosis and have effective ways to treat this.

When an individual is suffering from mental health issues, they’re almost 50% more susceptible to develop an addiction to alcohol or drugs; it’s a form of coping mechanism which ultimately makes matters much worse.

As we’re now raising more awareness on the debilitating effects of poor mental health, we’re still behind on highlighting and understanding the severe threats of drug and alcohol addiction. At our rehab, this is always at the forefront of our minds.

Addiction is an extremely complex disease which requires a structured and personalised treatment programme, expert advice, and undeniable commitment in order to achieve a successful long-term recovery.


What are the benefits of our private drug and alcohol rehab?

If you’ve ever attempted to recover from drug or alcohol addiction without the support of a professional rehab centre, you’ll appreciate just how impossible this is.

Whilst it may seem like the best option for your condition, it’s likely you only feel this way so that you can stay within your comfort zone.

However, in order to achieve long-term recovery, it’s essential that you’re taken out of your comfort zone. It’s also very dangerous to attempt an alcohol detox without the constant supervision of a dedicated team.

We have the added benefit of being able to administer prescribed medication to ease the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms if necessary. Give yourself the best chance of succeeding by joining our rehab for drug and alcohol abuse.

Our fantastic team can help you no matter what stage you’re at in your drug or alcohol addiction. Whether you’ve been battling the effects of addiction for some time now, or you’ve only recently developed symptoms of addiction, we’re here to help and have the solution which suits you.

Each of our clients receives a completely bespoke residential addiction treatment to benefit their specific needs. This will enable you to recover both physically and psychologically from your addiction to alcohol and drugs.


Rehab cost

The cost of rehab ranges depending on your needs and treatment programme. Prices start from roughly £3,500 for a 7 day stay.

The most recommended length of treatment is a 28-day programme as this involves a medical detox, treatment therapies and one year of aftercare.

The cost of rehab factors in the cost of treatments, prescription medications, luxury facilities and one year of aftercare. Catering and meals are also provided by our onsite chef who can cater to all dietary needs.

Although there are funding options available to you, if private rehab is not in your budget you can also consider outpatient treatment in Farnham. This is a cheaper alternative, however is not as comprehensive as inpatient rehab.

To learn more about the cost of rehab, get in touch with us today on 01923 369 161.


Additional support with our drug and alcohol aftercare programme

Once you’ve completed your residential addiction treatment programme which typically lasts up to 28 days, you’ll automatically be admitted onto our aftercare programme which is completely free for 12 months.

Our dedicated aftercare team are there to continue your recovery journey with you once you’ve returned home. Many of our recovery workers have experienced drug and alcohol rehabilitation themselves, making them the perfect team to understand entirely what you’re going through and how to help you best.

Our drug and alcohol aftercare programme are designed to maintain your motivation to succeed, encourage drug and alcohol relapse prevention, and offer you a space to share any ongoing concerns you may have.

We can also recommend local support groups to take advantage of such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. The NHS also offers alcohol advice and support on their website.

Contact our friendly team today on 01923 369 161 or email at info@cassioburycourt.com.


Check out reviews from our previous clients
  • Mick Lardner's profile image
    Mick Lardner
    star star star star star
    5 months ago

    I’ve very recently attended the Cassiobury Court rehab facility and highly recommend the services provided. Set in a quiet location with enclosed courtyard the bedrooms, tutorial rooms and dining rooms are well maintained, impeccably clean and mostly modern internally The biggest plus is the wealth of experience and quality of counsellors, tutors and many of the supporting staff who themselves are recovering alcoholics/ addicts. Conducted in a structured but relaxed atmosphere the breadth and depth of tuition and counselling is such that it stimulates the open, positive participation of Clients whilst always being supportive of both the group and the individual. This is greatly enhanced with the attendance of local ‘live’ external CA meetings, zoom meetings and visiting ‘shares’ from recovering addicts. With superb catering and even a washing and cleaning service included It’s an experience that bettered my expectations and was great fun also.

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  • G-man's profile image
    star star star star star
    5 months ago

    Cassiobury Court has given me the hope of another chance to live again a sober life that I once had about two decades ago. I was drinking alcohol heavily in recent years that led to so many problems in my life that I can't state here. I wasn't even aware that it is an illness, rather than a habit that I could get rid of just on my willpower before I walked through the doors here. Realization of how much damage this illness has done to my life and my loved ones wouldn't have come to me without the help I have received here. My initial thoughts were that I am going to prison but the ideology here is completely different. If you are willing to recover from alcoholism or in general, any addiction then this is the place to be. If you want to walk out, become a quitter and continue your same life then no one will stop you. Such a set-up really worked for me, especially because if it was a military-type rehabilitation then I would have walked out. All the key workers, counselors, kitchen staff, cleaners, pharmacists, nurses, and fitness & yoga trainers everyone is so accommodating, warm, and helpful beyond my expectations. If someone is really willing to recover then this is the place. Big big thank you to Cassiobury Court for saving me and I wish myself to be successful on my life-long road of recovery.

    Read More

  • Robert Beech's profile image
    Robert Beech
    star star star star star
    5 months ago

    I’ve benefitted hugely from my treatment at Cassiobury Court. In fact I’ve had the best month of the last 2 years. The staff here are the best of the best and I will always recommend this amazing place to anyone I know who requires treatment for any known addiction. Rafa the Manager, Martin, Steve, Seth, Gerard, Oli, Jane, Alison, Rebecca, Paul & George are superb as well as Alan, Paula, Helen and Steve with the unrivalled catering. Cassiobury Court is also excellent value for money compared to other far more expensive but inferior Treatment Clinics. I’m very much looking forward to returning to Chair group meetings in the future. Many thanks to everyone. You’ll always remain affectionately in my heart. Rob.

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  • Natasha Healey's profile image
    Natasha Healey
    star star star star star
    5 months ago

    This was my first stay at a rehab facility and I entered for a 28 day stay. I came through the gates feeling like a hopeless lost child who had exhausted all other avenues, and now leave as a strong and hopeful individual with all the tools I need to carry on my sobriety journey on the outside. The day one, all the staff were caring and attentive, catering for all of your needs and explaining everything perfectly in a calm and friendly manner - you felt welcomed straight away. All of the days were filled with useful and varied sessions, with a structured routine, but still time to socialise and get to know your peers. One to one therapy sessions were invaluable, and I learnt a lot from my sessions which were conducted in a professional but caring manner, and have given me many techniques to take with me. Also the one to one key work sessions were brilliant, guiding you on your journey in a straightforward, constructive but also compassionate way. Also thanks to all of the amazing staff who ran all of our group sessions, I gained so much from these. The food was excellent, as well as the medical and housekeeping staff who ensured that you could focus your time and energy on your recovery at all times. For anyone seeking help with an addiction, I would 100% recommend Cassiobury Court.

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  • Martin O's profile image
    Martin O
    star star star star star
    5 months ago

    Cassiobury Court is a fantastic, peaceful place to recover. I am leaving today and can’t be more grateful to the staff and fellow residents who have made my stay such a wonderful experience. All the staff are happily prepared to go the extra mile to make your stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible. There are a great range of workshops and activities to help you explore how your mind, body and spirit can assist with your recovery. The kitchen team provide nutritionally balanced food options and if you don’t fancy what is on the menu they are happy to make something to your taste. The rooms, facilities and grounds are immaculately maintained. I am positive about the future.

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  • Sam “Sam” A's profile image
    Sam “Sam” A
    star star star star star
    5 months ago

    I am Sam and I arrived at Cassiobury Court for 28 days at the end of May. This was my second rehab experience. I cannot praise Cassiobury Court enough. Each day was well structured and every group session was designed to give you different tools to sobriety. I learnt so much from all the therapists and key workers that were taking the sessions due to my lack of understanding of this illness. I was in a place where I was made to feel comfortable and no question were silly which encouraged me to dig deeper and ask questions around my illness and myrecovery. Cassiobury Court approach to recovery, worked very well for me. It was not like Boot Camp. They actually gave me time to digest the information that was given and time to absorb what was said they kind of gave me the balance to learn, but also do every day life things, I also had time to reflect and focus on myself I would encourage any newcomers to rehab to engage in many group sessions as they can and take out as much as they can out of these sessions the 12 step AA program was explained to me in such a simple way and gave me the confidence to work it. I would like to give a special thanks to my key worker as she has helped me find a a new sober, Sam. My key worker from the start has been open and honest which has helped me with my recovery. I would like to also thank all the staff at Cassiobury Court that have had an impact on my road to recovery. A special thanks to the kitchen staff and the cleaning staff, as by them doing what they do gave me time to focus on myself and not have to worry about cooking and cleaning. The kitchen staff have made sure that I have been eating properly and have helped me build up my strength. Overall, Cassiobury Court is the place to come to if in need of a medical detox or need to understand what is involved in recovery and give you the opportunity on how to get away from addiction It’s like being given a second sober life. I cannot thank Cassiobury Court enough.

    Read More

Raffa Bari

Raffa Bari - Author

CQC Registered Manager

Raffa manages the day to day caring services here at Cassiobury Court. Dedicated to the treatment and well being of our visitors she is an outstanding mental health coach registered with BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists). Raffa has outstanding experience in managing rehabs across the country and is vastly experienced at helping people recover from drug and alcohol addictions.

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