We have treatment centres for drug and alcohol rehab in Paisley

Drug and alcohol abuse can quickly turn into an unbearable addiction, taking away the majority of control that you have over your life.

Although you might feel out of control, you can regain this by making the difficult yet invaluable decision to join a rehab for drug and alcohol abuse.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In Paisley

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We offer residential treatment that is close to the Paisley area.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Paisley

We’re confident that this will be the very best choice you’ll ever make, for yourself and for those around you.

In order for our residential addiction treatment to be effective long-term, you must be ready to commit to completely overhauling your behaviours and creating a new way of life for yourself.

If you’re not prepared to leave drug and alcohol abuse behind, then you’re not ready for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Whilst our treatment programmes have a great success rate, you must be willing to accept that you need help and be ready to work hard to overcome your addiction if you want to achieve long-term recovery.


Are you ready to join our private drug and alcohol rehab?

Rehabs for drug and alcohol abuse are there to welcome anyone in who’s suffering from addiction. Whether you’ve only just started to notice the effects of your addiction to alcohol or drugs, or if you’ve been fighting this battle for some time now, it doesn’t matter, we will always be ready to offer you a personalised treatment programme.

Whilst our team are experts in their field, overcoming drug and alcohol abuse will of course be a challenge. You must be mentally and physically prepared to commit yourself to our rehabilitation programme.

The process is difficult, there’s no denying that, but it’s an extremely worthwhile experience which we hope you’ll look back on with appreciation.

To ensure you’re ready for our drug and alcohol rehabilitation, we take all of our clients through a pre-screening assessment to review their physical and psychological health before joining our rehab in Paisley.

This helps both sides to understand more about what’s required and what’s involved before you commit to an admission date. We hope that you do feel ready to take the first step in improving your life. We’re confident that we can help you achieve your long-term recovery goals and move forward in your life.


We have a fantastic success rate

Of course, our aim at Cassiobury Court is to offer each person who walks through our doors the best opportunity to fully recover from drug and alcohol addiction. We’re very proud of our high success rate of recovery and take great pleasure in helping as many people as we can achieve their recovery goals.

One of the main reasons as to why we’re so successful is that we utilise evidence-based therapies which are leading the way in our industry. Our addiction specialists focus on medical, social, physical, and psychological treatments to completely remove your connection to drug and alcohol abuse.

We’re also highly experienced in offering specialised treatment to individuals who are suffering with a dual diagnosis. This is where someone is struggling with mental health issues in addition to a drug or alcohol addiction.

Whilst this may feel completely overwhelming, rest assured, a dual diagnosis is more common than you think, and we can certainly help you overcome it.

Our high-specification facilities boast luxurious accommodation with private rooms and home-cooked meals. We even take care of your laundry and housekeeping, leaving you only one thing to concentrate on – achieving your long-term recovery.

We deliver an invaluable service in more ways than one, which is why we continue to maintain our great level of successful recoveries.


How do we help with drug and alcohol relapse prevention?

If you’ve previously attempted to overcome your drug or alcohol addiction without the support of a recognised drug and alcohol rehabilitation, then it’s likely that you’ll experience a relapse.

Without the expert guidance of a professional rehab centre, you won’t know how to effectively manage your triggers or undeniable cravings, leaving you much more susceptible to a drug and alcohol relapse.

Particularly when you return home after completing your residential addiction treatment, you may face additional challenges of pre-existing triggers, negative influences, or mental health issues, all of which could influence a relapse.

Experiencing a drug or alcohol relapse is actually quite common, as around half of individuals who are recovering from addiction, are also facing a form of relapse. So, don’t become too disheartened if this happens to you, we can help you to regain control and continue your journey to recovery.

In most cases, relapses don’t just suddenly happen. They’re built up over time and generally go through three key stages which are emotional, psychological, and lastly, physical. During the first stage, you could feel a lack of motivation or lose interest in your self-care.

Within the second stage, you’ll likely begin to try and justify your drug and alcohol addiction or attempt to downplay the negative effects caused by substance abuse.

If you don’t act and take control of the first two stages, then you’re at high risk of going through a physical drug and alcohol relapse where you actually begin using again. Of course, this is the worst-case scenario, and we don’t want to let it get to this point.

An integral part of your drug and alcohol relapse prevention is undertaken upon your return home from our residential addiction treatment. You could feel yourself slipping back into old habits as you’re in your familiar environment again.

This is why our drug and alcohol aftercare programme are so important as we can assist you with ongoing relapse prevention sessions or any other therapies which may be beneficial to you.

By continuing to practice prevention techniques and maintaining a positive attitude, you’re likely to have a relapse free recovery.


Start your journey to recovery today

To start your journey at our drug and alcohol rehab in Paisley, simply contact our admissions team today on 01923 369 161 or email at info@cassioburycourt.com.

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