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Effective Drug and Alcohol rehab near Aberdeen.

We offer alcohol and drug rehabilitation services for people living in Aberdeen and throughout Scotland, from down in Glasgow and Dumfries, up to Inverness, in the Highlands. If you live in Scotland and are seeking help for your addiction, get in touch with us today.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In Aberdeen

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Aberdeen

Do you currently feel ready to tackle your drug and alcohol addiction? Are you hoping to achieve this through a localised rehab programme or treatment centre?  

The readiness to commit to drug and alcohol rehabilitation is vital. With this in mind, if you’re already experiencing the desire to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, you’re one step into your recovery journey. Yet, to ensure that you can advance through the entire journey, aiming for long-term recovery, an invaluable time of drug rehab must be completed.  

Via a specialist drug and alcohol rehab centre, where a personalised and structured treatment programme is available, you will have the opportunity to progress through each recovery milestone. By selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Aberdeen, recovery results are possible. A proportion of clients can cope through localised and familiar influences while withdrawing from addictive substances. Yet, to future-proof your chance to live without drugs and alcohol, opting for residential drug rehab, set away from Aberdeen, will be recommended.  

If residential rehab is new to you, here’s all you need to know about the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process, expectations and our treatment service here at Cassiobury Court; specialists in addiction recovery.  

What is residential rehab? 

So far, you may have only considered addiction treatment on an outpatient basis. For a proportion of individuals, outpatient addiction treatment can influence withdrawal. However, this is only likely for those with minimal physical side effects, commonly associated with addiction.  

Residential rehab is recommended for those who suffer with addiction as it provides all processes, resources, treatments, streams of support and programmes, required to motivate physical and psychological recovery. Since an addiction, of any degree is diagnosed as a brain illness, making it a complex condition to treat, a structured, consistent, high-quality and specialist rehab programme must be available. By pairing this level of care with a safe haven, a recovery inspired, and professional environment, drug and alcohol rehabilitation is found to significantly advance.  

Through our treatment service here at Cassiobury Court, advocating residential rehab, you will be provided with: 

  • Around the clock care  
  • Guidance and support from addiction specialists, medical professionals and counsellors 
  • Access to industry leading drug and alcohol addiction treatments 
  • personalised treatment programme, worked around your needs 
  • Immediate care, following a structured, consistent and highly targeted approach 
  • Mental health support 
  • A friendly and comforting environment to reside from 
  • Tools to advance quality of life, physical and psychological health, and relationships 
  • Relapse prevention planning sessions, preparing you for a return to Aberdeen 
  • Aftercare services via a drug and alcohol rehab in Aberdeen 

Through combining the above services, only accessible through residential rehab, your recovery probabilities will significantly advance. You’ll experience the best chance to withdraw physically from drugs and alcohol, while realigning psychologically to live without addictive substances.  

Finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Aberdeen 

Understandably, at face value, you may hope to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Aberdeen. As mentioned above, residential rehab may be a new concept for you, where localised and convenient rehab programmes have been prioritised this far.  

Again, for a proportion of individuals, localised and a relaxed approach to addiction treatment can offer beneficial results. Similarly, completing a treatment service via the NHS can also influence recovery probabilities for a number of individuals. However, success rates and long-term recovery probabilities will likely be low through both localised approaches if you’re battling with a physical and psychological addiction.  

In this instance, moving away for a time of recovery, via a drug and alcohol treatment centre will be recommended. Here you will benefit from the above care and service, along with the distance to focus on yourself, on your withdrawal process, on your long-term recovery efforts. 

Understandably, you may have concerns or questions regarding residential rehab. If you’ve favoured the opportunity to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Aberdeen, this far, a relocation for rehab may feel daunting. Through our helpline, we can answer your questions, offer immediate guidance, and also ensure that you’re aware of all recovery options, available to you. Reach out today for more information on drug and alcohol rehabilitation programmes here at Cassiobury Court.  

What to expect from completing a drug and alcohol rehab programme  

Completing a comprehensive drug and alcohol rehab programme can influence many positive changes. This expectation however will only be experienced by committing yourself to the process, by working through each treatment service, in place to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction.  

By embracing our recommended treatment programmes, by accepting your new normality, you will have the chance to reach initial recovery. Through a range of addiction treatments, you’ll withdraw physically, while improving your psychological strength and health. You’ll learn to live without drugs and alcohol by developing positive coping strategies. You’ll also prepare for life back in Aberdeen by forming a personal relapse prevention plan.  

Through this combined effort, by embracing the key features of residential rehab, you will step firmly onto the initial road, towards long-term recovery, improving your chances of ongoing sobriety.   

How to prolong sobriety  

It is important to note that visiting a residential rehab and completing a personalised treatment programme can influence positive changes, with a large focus on your association with drugs and alcohol. However, to remain sober, you must prolong your recovery efforts, by committing for the long-term.  

On your return home, you will be provided with all the tools to continue your reality without drugs and alcohol. You’ll have the opportunity to complete aftercare services through a drug and alcohol rehab in Aberdeen. You’ll be encouraged to complete consistent support groups and AA meetings, helping you connect with your why.  

Through positive lifestyle choices, by making the most of post-rehab support, you will have the chance to prolong sobriety. By completing an initial rehab programme, along with the services you can access post-rehab, you will have the chance to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction.  

Increase this likelihood by completing an initial residential rehab programme, through our specialist treatment centre, followed by localised, post-rehab addiction treatment.  

Raffa Bari

Raffa Bari - Author

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Raffa manages the day to day caring services here at Cassiobury Court. Dedicated to the treatment and well being of our visitors she is an outstanding mental health coach registered with BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists). Raffa has outstanding experience in managing rehabs across the country and is vastly experienced at helping people recover from drug and alcohol addictions.

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