We have treatment centres for drug and alcohol rehab in Midlothian

We appreciate how disheartening it can feel when you’re trying to overcome an addiction to alcohol or drugs.

As unlikely as it might seem to you right now, there is a way that you can beat this, and live a life free from drug and alcohol abuse – learn more about your addiction treatment options here.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In Midlothian

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Midlothian

It’s vital to remember that you cannot recover from addiction with medication alone. Drug and alcohol addiction are exceptionally difficult diseases to overcome, which is why you need expert treatment to treat both the physical and psychological elements of substance abuse.

If you want to achieve your long-term recovery goals, you must join a private drug and alcohol rehab in Midlothian or nearby.

There are so many ways in which drug and alcohol addiction impacts your life. From causing significant damage to your physical and psychological well-being to destroying your meaningful relationships with family and friends, there are no positives when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse.

Addictions create a vicious circle which is extremely difficult to overcome without the expertise and support of addiction treatment services. We urge you to not let addiction take control of your life – seek a rehab programme in Midlothian today.

Contact us on 01923 369 161 or email us at info@cassioburycourt.com to learn more and start your recovery journey.


What causes someone to become addicted to alcohol or drugs?

Understanding the underlying reasons behind your addiction to alcohol or drugs can significantly help you in your recovery. This is one of the aspects which we’ll look at during your psychological therapies.

Every person has their own reasons behind how or why they became addicted to drugs and alcohol, but we can look at some common factors which may influence substance abuse.

When someone is suffering from mental health issues, they’re almost 50% more susceptible to drug and alcohol abuse as it’s used as a coping mechanism. The effects of the substance will make any mental health issues much worse.

Alcohol acts as a depressant whilst drugs can severely alter the makeup of your brain, making it very difficult to think logically.

Quite often, what starts as recreational drug use or social drinking, can quickly turn into a dependency on the substance, resulting in an unavoidable addiction which will need professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation to overcome.

Environmental pressures or stress can also greatly influence the excessive consumption of drugs or alcohol.

Another common underlying reason for drug and alcohol abuse could be a trauma or grief experienced during childhood which has followed you through to adulthood.

If you were exposed to excessive substance abuse whilst growing up, you’re also more likely to develop an addiction yourself. It’s also possible that genetics are influential, resulting in you being more likely to develop a drug or alcohol addiction.

Whatever the cause, here at Cassiobury Court we can support your journey to long-term addiction recovery in Midlothian.


What are the benefits of our drug and alcohol rehab in Midlothian?

If you’ve previously attempted to recover from drug and alcohol addiction but haven’t been successful, don’t be too hard on yourself. Unless you visit a private drug and alcohol rehab, you’ll never be giving yourself a fair chance to achieve a long-term recovery.

Our expert team deliver industry-leading therapies in our luxurious accommodation, ensuring you’re as comfortable as possible whilst undergoing your residential addiction treatment.

We provide you with mental health treatments and support to aid your recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

Our comprehensive treatment programmes include a well-balanced mix of psychological and well-being therapies to give you the advantage of a holistic approach; this has long been proven to be the most effective method to treat an addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Some of the more traditional psychological therapies which we offer include counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management, drug and alcohol relapse prevention, and psychotherapy.

Our drug and alcohol rehab also offers well-being therapies, including relaxation and sleep management, mindfulness, yoga, fitness therapy, and art therapy as part of your treatment programme.

We believe it’s important to stay relaxed during your downtime at our drug and alcohol rehabilitation. With this in mind, we arrange social activities for all of our clients to enjoy, these include quiz nights, film nights, group runs or walks, and family visits.


The admission process to rehab in Midlothian

Our rehab admission process is quick and easy to ensure you start treatment as soon as possible. The first step is to call a member of our admissions team who will talk you through our admission process and ask questions to understand your needs better.

They will discuss your addiction with you and find the best rehab centre for your needs. Once this has been completed, you will then pay a deposit to secure your room and you will be able to start treatment swiftly.

The closest hospital is Midlothian Community Hospital, located at 70 Eskbank Rd, Bonnyrigg, Dalkeith EH22 3ND. This is an option if you feel like you or a loved one is in a medical emergency.


Do we offer drug and alcohol detox?

Many people seem to believe that they can undergo drug and alcohol detoxification at home without the support of a professional team. These home detoxes tend to be ineffective and very dangerous as you’re likely to experience withdrawal symptoms leaving you at high risk.

At our drug and alcohol rehab the first phase is medical detox. This will take roughly 5 days and will start your recovery journey. Prescription medications will be provided if necessary to treat symptoms of withdrawal and you will be supervised throughout the process.

It’s important to have the constant supervision of recovery workers to ensure you’re safe throughout the detoxification process, otherwise, you could suffer damage from severe withdrawal symptoms including seizures, insomnia, and even delirium tremens (DT’s).

Even the more common withdrawal symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, and headaches, can be intensified when going through a drug and alcohol detoxification. It’s much safer and much more effective to complete this process under the supervision of our dedicated recovery team.

To learn more about our detox programme and professional support, phone today on 01923 369 161. Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme will help you recover for good.


Do we provide drug and alcohol aftercare support?

Our comprehensive treatment programmes typically last around 28 days, but this can be shorter or longer depending on the nature of your addiction. Upon completion of your residential addiction treatment, you’ll be given a free 12-month aftercare programme to follow whilst you’re back at home.

We have an aftercare team who are committed to maintaining your motivation to recover and to deliver ongoing drug and alcohol relapse prevention sessions as required by our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre.

Aftercare services help you along your long-term recovery journey and are a valuable asset to remaining sober.

This is also an important time to extend our support to your family and friends as they watch over your ongoing recovery at home. We can provide them with the necessary tools to recognise your triggers and avoid any potential relapses.

If you feel ready to move on from drug and alcohol addiction once and for all in the Midlothian area, get in touch with our team today on 01923 369 161 or email us at info@cassioburycourt.com.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, residential rehab can work if you are willing to recover. In order to achieve addiction recovery you need to make the necessary changes to yourself and understand your addiction in depth. If you’re ready to change your life to overcome your addiction, then drug and alcohol rehab will work for you.

There are a number of signs of alcohol addiction which you need to look out for. These can include cravings for drink, withdrawal symptoms such as sweating, nausea, shaking, anxiety, as well as behavioural changes.

Some people may attempt to detox at home, however this can be extremely risky and dangerous if done without medical supervision and prescription medications. It is always recommended to complete a detox in private rehab or as part of a supervised treatment programme.

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