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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Stirling

If you’re searching for a place to achieve long-term recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, then search no more. Here at Cassiobury Court, we can provide you with specialised treatment programmes, a dedicated service, and proven effective methods in rehabilitating from alcohol or drugs.

Living with any form of drug or alcohol addiction, particularly long-term can be detrimental to your physical and psychological well-being. Addiction and mental health issues tend to come hand in hand, combine this with the physical deterioration which addiction causes, you’re well on your way to damaging your quality of life and ultimately shortening your lifespan. If you’re committed to turning your life around for the better, we highly recommend joining a residential treatment centre like ours. Our drug and alcohol rehab in Stirling are very experienced and completely prepared to give you the tools you need to succeed in long-term recovery.


Is drug and alcohol rehabilitation right for me?

We can provide you with excellent support, leading treatment programmes and high-end facilities, however if you’re not completely committed to take on this challenge, then you won’t get the great results you may expect. It’s imperative that you consider how difficult rehabilitation from alcohol or drugs can be, we must make that clear before you join our treatment centre. Think about how you’ll react when withdrawal symptoms kick in as your drug and alcohol quantities are reduced. Ultimately you have to put in the hard work to see any results. It’s not an easy ride.  If you’re ready for us, we’re ready for you.

If you feel as though you’re prepared and committed to manage the challenges that come with addiction treatment, then we’re here to help you succeed in your recovery. We promise, it’s worth it! We’ve helped thousands of people overcome their drug or alcohol addiction. These individuals invested their time, effort, and money into us, we don’t take this sacrifice lightly. We want you to continue no matter how hard it may get; this is why it’s so important that you’re confident you won’t let yourself down by giving up.


What are the benefits of residential drug and alcohol rehab in Stirling?

Rehabilitating at a residential drug and alcohol treatment centre like ours truly is a worthwhile experience. Studies have shown it’s the most effective treatment option available as this method produces the greatest success rates for long-term recovery. One of the main reasons for this is that when you stay at a residential treatment centre, you’re removing yourself from any negative influences or temptations of home life. This allows you to solely focus on achieving your recovery goals. So, whilst staying in an unfamiliar place without your friends and family may seem daunting, we can assure you, it’s the quickest and most effective way to treat your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Our treatment service is leading the way amongst other drug and alcohol treatment centres in the UK. Our skilled team are all medically trained, many of them have overcome addiction themselves so have the experience of undergoing treatment at a rehab centre. This helps our team to empathise and make a personal connection with our clients. Their personable, relaxed approach enables you to feel more comfortable during your stay with us. Along with our high-end facilities and evidence-based treatment methods, there is no better place for you to start your journey to recovery.

We take great pride in providing a safe and secure rehab centre, we offer continuous support around the clock as you undergo your personalised treatment programme. Our aim is to create a safe haven for our clients, promoting security, comfort and boosting motivation. Additionally, you won’t have to face the daily pressures which you may have been struggling with at home, this is your chance to solely focus on you and make a positive change towards leading a happier, healthier life.


What is our rehabilitation treatment programme like?

Initially, we conduct a full medical assessment to check on your physical and psychological health. Once we’ve done this, we can have an informal discussion to get to know each other and determine the severity of your drug or alcohol addiction. All of this allows us to create a personalised treatment programme which you’ll benefit from most. We take into consideration your previous and current experience with alcohol or drugs, your specific wants and needs and also your recovery goals. Once we’re both comfortable with the plan, we can move onto the next step of admitting you into our rehab centre in Stirling.

Although your treatment programme is unique to you, it’s likely that you’ll begin your stay with us in our detox clinic. This is an integral aspect of your recovery as detoxification removes all of the harmful toxins from your body allowing you to cleanse and clear your mind; detoxing also makes future treatments even more effective. We understand just how difficult detoxing can be, withdrawal symptoms are quite common and can range from mild sickness all the way through to life-changing problems. This is why it’s imperative that detoxification is constantly supervised by our medical team, they can ensure your safety and prescribe medication if necessary. It’s extremely dangerous to attempt a detox at home alone.

The duration of your stay depends on the severity of your addiction to alcohol or drugs. Quite commonly, our clients undergo a 28-day treatment programme which has demonstrated high rates of success; however, you may need to stay with us longer to achieve a full recovery. We offer various treatment options such as group therapies, cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management, mindfulness, and holistic therapies including relaxation and sleep management.

By completely our treatment programme in its entirety, you’re highly likely to recover from addiction. We guide you along your journey and provide you with all the necessary tools to continue your recovery at home, avoiding any potential relapses. We help people all over Scotland, including areas like Peebles, Lothian, Perth, Paisley and more. Start your journey to recovery today, call us on 0800 001 4070.

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