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It can be extremely difficult to admit that you have an addiction to alcohol or drugs, but once you do acknowledge that you need help in Perth, you can begin turning your life around for the better.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In Perth

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Help for Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Perth

Our drug and alcohol rehab in Perth have helped countless people win their battle against addiction. We offer personalised addiction treatment programmes to all of our clients, ensuring you receive the most beneficial therapies for your unique circumstances.

No matter what the severity of your drug and alcohol addiction is, we have a range of evidence-based treatments which have all proven to be highly effective. To begin your journey to long-term recovery, contact us today on 01923 369 161 or email us at info@cassioburycourt.com.


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How do you know if you need rehab for drug and alcohol abuse in Perth?

It’s normal for those who are suffering from drug and alcohol abuse to try and downplay their symptoms or be in complete denial altogether. This can make it difficult to recognise that you need professional support.

These are some familiar signs which could indicate that you require urgent medical attention at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

  • Physical health: One of the more noticeable signs that you need to join a rehab for drug and alcohol abuse is that your physical health will visibly deteriorate. Excessive alcohol or drugs consumption can significantly damage your internal organs, leaving you looking unhealthily malnourished.
  • Psychological health: Prolonged abuse of alcohol and drugs will considerably impact your mental health. The toxins from the substance affect the make-up of your brain, leaving you at much higher risk of depression, anxiety, bipolarity, and suicide. People who suffer with mental health issues are much more likely to develop an addiction to alcohol or drugs as they use it as a coping mechanism.
  • Professional career: As the effects of drug and alcohol impact your physical and psychological well-being, you’ll find it more difficult to perform what were once simple tasks at work. As you consistently underperform, you could be faced with losing your job, adding even more pressure.
  • Relationship problems: Those suffering from drug and alcohol abuse tend to have one sole focus, when they’re getting their next ‘fix’. This can push relationships with friends and family into the background as they become less important to you, potentially even breaking your family apart.
  • Financial difficulties: Fuelling your addiction to alcohol or drugs doesn’t come cheap. It’s an extremely expensive habit to keep up. The longer you continue, the more financial difficulty you’ll find yourself in. You could even lose your home in Perth as a result of job loss or debt.

Without the support of a private drug and alcohol rehab in Perth, your addiction won’t resolve itself, it will only worsen over time possibly causing life-changing illnesses and irreconcilable relationships with loved ones.

Don’t let this awful disease control your life. Put yourself and those around you before your addiction to drugs and alcohol; we can help you overcome it once and for all.


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What is it like at our private drug and alcohol rehab in Perth?

Many people have the wrong perception of what a rehab for drug and alcohol abuse is really like. In contrast to a cold, clinical environment which a rehab is alleged to be like, our treatment centre is a warm and welcoming facility which promotes positivity and offers around the clock care.

We take great pride in ensuring each of our clients feels as comfortable as possible, this can contribute greatly to a successful recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. With this in mind, we take care of your laundry, housekeeping, and provide nutritious meals to keep you fuelled up for your therapy sessions.

By looking after these aspects, you’re only left with one thing to focus on, achieving your long-term recovery goals. Our luxurious facilities really are the best that you can get near Perth.

We utilise evidence-based, industry leading therapies which are delivered by a highly trained team of recovery workers who specialise in addiction treatment. To help you relax in your down time, we also arrange social activities such as quiz nights, film nights, groups walks or runs, and family visits.


CQC and NHS Partnership

There are two features of Cassiobury Court that sets us apart from the rest, the first being the NHS partnership. We have 3 beds that we reserve for people who need our help in a crisis and continue to keep these free incase of emergency. These beds are filled be patients referred via the NHS, something that is special to us here at Cassiobury – we never want anybody to suffer alone, which is why we know how important it is to keep these beds for those in desperate times.

The CQC, (Care Quality Commission) is a regulatory body that will visit and assess our rehab centres to ensure that we are providing the best service possible and keeping you, or your loved ones, in a safe, clean and professional environment. The audits made by the CQC are publicly available and we encourage people to do their research as we believe in full transparency and trust.


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Drug and alcohol aftercare programme

Completing an effective drug and alcohol aftercare programme is just an important as completing your residential addiction treatment. The first 12 months after returning home from our drug and alcohol rehab in Perth is the hardest.

This is when you’re most likely to experience a relapse as you adjust your new behaviours to your way of life. We help you with ongoing drug and alcohol relapse prevention sessions in addition to any other support you may benefit from during this time.

We’d also highly recommend taking advantage of local support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous as these provide a great space for you to share your concerns and achievements with others who are in a similar situation to you.

Don’t struggle through this alone, we’re here to offer our complete support to those who need it most.

Contact us today on 01923 369 161 or email at info@cassioburycourt.com.

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