Alcohol Rehab London FAQ’s

Considering alcohol rehab in London? If so, then see below list of some of the most frequently asked questions posed when making the decision to receive alcohol rehab at our London based rehab clinic.


Why should I go into an Alcohol Rehab in London?

Alcohol addiction has caused many broken ambitions and relationships in the great city of London. If you are suffering from alcohol addiction it is important to seek help and undergo addiction treatment. We recommend attending a residential alcohol rehab in London. With a residential rehab programme, you will stay at our treatment facility for the duration of the recovery process. It will give you the opportunity to remove yourself or a loved one from the stresses of everyday life and help overcome the addiction. An alcohol Rehab in London, like Cassiobury Court can be the kick-starter for a healthier life in the future. Call us today on 0800 500 3129, we can help you become you again in the future.


How can I get into an alcohol rehab in London?

There are many rehab centres in the country that can be of help. Depending on your situation, you can either go to a NHS service, or a private clinic. We recommend an inpatient treatment centre, as inpatient treatment often tends to be a lot more effective in the short and long term. At Cassiobury Court, we offer a 28-day inpatient treatment programme. We have an intake process that is quick and efficient, with only one phone call, you can get into an Alcohol Rehab London – 0800 001 4070


How do I know if an alcohol rehab in London is right for me?

Alcohol Rehab in London is the right choice if you feel alcohol is impacting your life. Many people in London enjoy the occasional drink every now and again, there are no real health implications of that. Just like most things in life, moderation is key.

For some people it can be hard to keep that balance, there is no shame in that. If you are worried that you or a loved one might be falling down the pitfalls of alcoholism, or you already feel like alcohol is taking over your life; it’s time to start looking for rehab centres, like our Alcohol Rehab London Centre.


Can I access private alcohol Rehab in London?

Many people suffering from an alcohol addiction choose to opt for a private rehab in London. There are many benefits when it comes to choosing a private rehab, including the fact that admission can often be organised within 24 hours.

Cassiobury Court is a private alcohol rehab facility based in London. Our professionals provide only the best care for a long-term recovery. During the alcohol detox process, you will be closely monitored by our professionals. You will also benefit from a range of group and one-on-one therapies to help work through underlying mental and emotional triggers.


What happens during alcohol rehab in London?

There are a variety of options for your Alcohol Rehab London treatment, based on your wishes and needs. However, the main guidelines are the same in most situations. The first step is often detox and what follows is a mix of holistic and mainstream therapy, to ensure you will stay clean in the time after your rehab treatment.

Medication can be used as an alternative or a supplement to your already existing rehab treatment.


What happens during Detox?

Detox is often seen as the hardest part of getting clean. This is a process where you withdraw from drugs and/or alcohol with help of trained medical professionals. You might wonder why you need to do that in such an environment. The answer is quite simple. Detoxifying at home is extremely dangerous.

When you start detoxifying, you might come across some withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms or the severity do tend to vary depending on the severity/longevity of the addiction. If you suffer from severe alcoholism, the risk of lasting damage and death during the withdrawal period do exist.

At our Alcohol Rehab London centre, we employ a very capable team of professionals who can supervise you at all time during the detox stages.


What happens if I relapse?

Of course, there is always a chance of relapse, the chances of that happening are slim but we need you to be fully behind our program. The relapse rate is very low when it comes to our Alcohol Rehab London Service. We have a proven aftercare and relapse prevention programme which will be put in place upon the completion of rehabilitation. Call our Admissions team today, and they will be able to help you become the best you again through Alcohol Rehab London.